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Friday, October 19, 2018

Elite Aerial Experience


 Exercise and me don't just doesn't go well! But trying out new stuff is what I actually like so when I got invited to try Aerial Hoops at Elite Aerial studio I am quite excited and nervous at the same time.

Excited because its an activity I have only seen on television and performances, Nervous because I might die falling from it - Just thinking the worst case scenario guys don't think it actually happened to me (duh)

Elite Aerial studio is actually near my house here in Quezon City. Its located in Maginhawa st. which is a known destination for foodies.

Okay now to the whole experience. We started with stretching to be able to do the stunts on the aerial hoops which is basically cardio on steriods when I was doing it. I have said earlier that I don't like high intensity workouts but I stuck on it like a trooper and did what I can. I liked that some of the stretches at first involved a bit of yoga and it also incorporated the pole and the other tools for aerial stunts so we can get started in incorporating it in our exercise.

Now onto the aerial hoops, Ms. Aneshka or Teacher Nesh taught us the basics of getting into the hoop and also the moves which looked complicated but in reality its actually not. The whole idea of Aerial Hoops is to be able to use your body to balance yourself inside the hoop.

I was one of the last people to do it - WHY? because I am scared! I almost had an anxiety attack seeing the other bloggers going at it like it was a walk in the park! You girls do remember that I pack on a bit more weight so if I fell its probably messier - I'm just kidding! There are foams under the hoops so its safe for beginners.

Now onto that, I actually got cramps the first time but teacher Nesh really pushed me  to try harder and honestly I felt like a feather. Its exciting, exhilarating and one of a kind. I can never imagine myself looking elegant in that kind of setting but I just felt free at that moment.

There is sort of an epiphany in myself at that moment that I might have been scared of the hoop not because of what can happen to me but what people will say about me - Its similar to my insecurity to be honest. I feel so insecure about myself sometimes because of my weight, I try to hide it by being confident in other areas of my life but in reality, if I don't face my insecurity I won't feel free.

So when I did all the moves on the hoop, I felt free. Not entirely because half of my spirit got drained away but I know that some of my insecurity went away because of the experience.

I am getting too deep in this post for sure but if you are interested in trying out Aerial Hoops or pole dancing check out Elite Aerial Studio and have an #EliteExperience with them.

Check them out on Facebook for more information.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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