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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 4 of 365


I cannot stress enough how old I feel now that my 20s are ending. That reality just hit me hard in the face when I realized that damn girl you will be entering the 30 mark in another 365 days of your life.

But nonetheless I am thankful. I am thankful of all the people, those that have stayed and those that just chose to pass by to mold me into the person that I am.

There were just things in life that will go and stay for the better so if you are experiencing that don't worry more people will come your way.

I had a talk with my mom the other night about the impending stress we will be having about expanding my business. I already told her that I will be hiring new people in to help us out and she stressed out the fact that she is one of the most paranoid people in the world.

This part actually was when our talk became a screaming match because she won't budge for it and it frustrated me because we won't go anywhere if we don't do this.

This is how me and my mom are sometimes. We are not perfect and sometimes we fight about things that matters. She is still very old school about hiring people, she prefers hiring someone she knows while for me I prefer giving chances to people because I was like that before and luckily someone believed that I can do it and now here I am.

We actually didn't end that talk because I just became too frustrated and walked out. I know that was wrong but I needed to get out of the situation because when I get frustrated I tend to hurt myself because I tend to have a heavy hand.

I really need to push my mom in saying yes and pushing through with the plan because at this rate I will lose the business that I wanted from the very start.

So far that is in my head.

Today I will just try to make it a good one for myself and hope for the best.

I will let you guys know what else happened on the next might go crazy but we will never know right?

Much Love!


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