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Sunday, January 28, 2018

SBR Launches their 2018 Activities

Last January 26 marks the opening of ( 2018 activities. Held at the activity center of the Century City Mall, The event was well attended by traditional and digital media practitioners and invited guests.

I am actually a fan of watching triathletes on television, so knowing that there is a solid community like SBR.Ph it means that this sport is here to stay.

Gracing the event from the Departmenr of Tourism is Mr. Frederick M. Alegre - Assistant Secretary for Office of Public Affairs, Communications and Special Projects, from Black Arrow Express - logistics partners, Century City Mall - Venue host and The Big Difference Communications (TBDC) - PR and Marketing partner. This year, SBR.Ph finds its new home in one of Century Properties venue, The Century City Mall - located along Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca St, Poblacion, Makati City. Black Arrow Express (BAE) is the e-commerce arm of AII Worldwide Logistics (Formerly known as Airlift Asia Inc.) Their leadership is also into the triathlon scene which explains why they support this kind and similar athletic event and activities. Century City Mall believes in the concept of fun sports which the TRI-Series projects and carries which explain as to why they decided to become the venue host for some of the events of

The recognition given to by the Department of Tourism is no small matter for both parties. For the DOT, they are recognized as the local group responsible in making the sports scene of the country more dynamic and noteworthy for the sports-tourism actions of the department. For, the recognition if equivalent to all the efforts that they have placed in making things happen for the sport and the formed community.

Welcome talk was given by Carlos De Guzman himself and was followed by a warm message coming from the Department of Tourism. From there the whole calendar of activities of for 2018 was presented to the media giving highlight to the results of the online nominations and the ongoing online voting which shall end on February 3, 2018; to the SBR Award's night on February 10 and the Expo on February 10 and 11 respectively.

Awards to be given in February are the following:

- Elite Tri-Athlete of the Year (men and women division)
- Duathlete of the year (men and women division)
- Age group tri-athlete of the year (men and women division)
- youth tri-athlete of the year(men and women division)
- race of the year (below 800)
- race of the year (above 800)
- Team of the Year
- Shoe of the Year
- Shop of the Year
- Tri-gear of the year
- Bike of the year
- Coach of the year
- Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Happening to a near side-by-side with the Award's Night is the SBR Expo, a retailers event showcasing items all geared to the needs of a tri-athlete. New retailers will join in the event showing their wares that are health related in nature that both athletes and non-sports minded individuals may be interested in. This is an open to all event, regulars of the mall can also enjoy the items offered on those days.

The first of all the races will take place in April which is the AQUAMAN (Aquathon), followed by the DUAMAN (Duathlon) in May and capping it all off with the TRIMAN (Triathlon) in June; registration for all events is now open to all interested individuals and enjoy an early bird discount.

Part of SBR's plan for this year is to launch a race event for kids and PWD's - a group that shows promise in terms of growth, recognition and possible fair market locally and abroad. Mr. De Guzman believes that the sport should be made open to all ages, sex and physical condition and still maintains the element of simple enjoyment without the normal pressure of a very dynamic and demanding sport. He aims to bring the sport nationwide and have it set on the natural terrain of the province that he goes to.

With a simple desire by a tri-athlete to becoming a growing e-commerce and triathlon event group serving the growing local fans and enthusiasts of the sport, is definitely something to look forward to this 2018.

For more updates about the online voting and other events you can check out their official facebook page or go to for more information.

Much Love!

Alice Opens Voting

The Nomination is done and the voting has started this January 17, 2018 for the deserving local tri-athlete for 2017's season run. With names that made a mark in the circuit, community members and sports enthusiast came to front to cast their votes - showing support.

Here are the nominees:

With the nominations done, has opened its site for the voting to take place and know the voice of the local triathlon community. To vote, click on the link below or go to the provided site;
Much Love! 
xx Alice Pre-Awarding Activities Pre-Awarding Activities: Where and How to Make Your Vote Counts
Catch the latest in the Awards happening in February at the Century City Mall!  With Black Arrow Express as official logictics partner, Philippine Airlines as official carrier, The Big Difference Communications -partner PR and Marketing, Tourism Promotional Board and the Department of Tourism, is all set for its annual award’s night.
The whole awarding started with the nomination stage. Now on its voting phase, community members and friends are placing in their voice by choosing who they think should be the one by going to
How not to get your vote(s) counted at the 5th Annual Award?
Please double check your email as the voting is automated. You won’t be able to confirm your vote if you entered the wrong email.
Voting Procedures :
2. Make sure to enter your CORRECT email as you will be sent a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.
3. You will need to reply with the keyword to validate your vote.
4. As an extra measure to prevent double votes and fake accounts, everyone is required to answer the simple question in the confirmation email.
5. Double check your email address as the confirmation email will only be sent once.
6. If we see you voted more than once, your vote will automatically be deleted along with your original vote. Your invalidated votes will then be deducted to the current count of the nominee(s) who you voted for.
Cast now your votes and be counted in the winning moment of your nominee!
Much Love! 
xx Alice

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Please Help Me!

I know this may seem weird to ask but is it possible if you guys and girls help me get additional subscribers for my main channel?

As you may or may not know, Youtube made a whole 180 change on their Youtube Partner Program the other day and it says there that you need to have 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of views (equals to 240,000 minutes) on your channel to be able to still be in the program.

And I am asking you guys this because just like home much I love my blog, I also love my youtube channel and treat it as my main platform in sharing information with you guys. I would love to still earn from something that I love to do which is making videos on youtube.

I only need about 309 more subscriber to survive this ordeal and I would definitely appreciate it if you guys share my videos to your friends if you find it funny or informative.

I am really sad to be honest because I have to resort to asking people to subscribe to my channel because honestly I want my work to speak for itself.

I will let you guys decide so please visit my youtube channel

Much Love!
xx Alice

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 18-21

For four days I have been into work. With meetings, inventories and accounting reports that I dreaded so much I was left with an empty shell of what I called optimism.

I tend to over work myself sometimes which leads to a depressive state so I guess I went spiraling down.

This may be due to the break up. We did end up back together after several hours of phone calls of us crying trying to figure out what went wrong and if we still wanted to be together. We do.

I honestly just meditated most of my time to ease the stress of life. I can't take too much pressure on all aspects of life because I am like a bomb waiting to explode so don't try me.

I am slowly getting back in the cycle of filming youtube videos. I am just really worried because I am given a 30 day notice that if I don't get at least 4k hours of views and 1k subscribers I will lose my monetization which is saddening.

So that's it for now. I need to get back to work. I need to get things together for my weekend to just be my weekend.

Much Love!

xx ALice

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 17

If you have read my previous post, you will understand this post further.

I never really intended to push him to breaking up with me. I did it because I wanted attention from him. Its either we fight or I become petty - and apparently I mixed those two together and it ended my relationship.

During the first stage of our relationship it was okay. He was the clingy one in the relationship but the farther we got into the journey the more he pushed me away.

Before we finally broke up I had my breaking point. It was about a week ago when we had a fight and 'broke up'. When that scenario happened I finally had my last breath of hope of him not being stubborn and just say sorry.

He was the one who was wrong during our argument that time by the way which is why I wanted him to apologize. It was over my facebook account password.

I know there will be mixed reactions towards this but as much as I love him I prefer my facebook to be as private as where I keep my underwear should me - For my eyes ONLY!

That was when I had enough. I had enough of pleasing him then in the process breaking myself. I had enough of just making him part of my priority while in his world I wasn't really on the top shelf.

I needed to love myself again.

That was when I realized something - We needed to break up. But he said sorry and I forgave him and everything was okay again...sort of.

Ever since that episode, he just started becoming less of a boyfriend but more of a reminder board. He never asked me if anything funny happened today. And if we do get some time to have a meaningful conversation it would just be about his games and slightly about how he misses me.

Remember that every person has their limitation - even gadgets have limitations so don't expect everything to run as smooth as it was once you dropped it.

I know that it took me years to regain myself back before I entered into a new serious relationship, but I think now I know what to do so it wouldn't take me longer to move on.

I admit the break up is still painful but its for myself that I needed to be strong and rebuild myself.

And starting today I will be doing that.

Much Love!

xx Alice

We Broke Up

At 1:08 AM my heart fell to the ground.

We broke up. Me and him decided we just need to break up. And honestly enough I knew it was going to happen. We were only a day away in spending our third month being together as a couple.

Its sad and honestly I wanted to cry my heart and soul out but I think a voice inside me kept saying you are way too good to cry over this. And at 3:04AM I still haven't shed a tear.

I will make a proper video that led up to the break up because I prefer talking about it rather than typing it because there might be some things I will filter out unlike in my videos I rarely filter myself to the point that I scare myself for being blunt.

I admit that the break up wasn't as bad as my previous ones but this one strike a string in my dainty heart because I sincerely loved him. I tried to be as understanding to him as I can but I have my limitations.

With our relationship, it was more of me taking care of him rather than a two way street.

I never had trust issues with him so don't think there was another girl involved. It was more of how he doesn't show how much he cares for me. There would be conversations were it was like he forced himself to check up on me rather than genuinely caring for me.

I sound so self-centered saying that but that is how I felt.

There were still a lot of things that made me question our relationship till now. He never really made an effort to be honest and I think that is one of the reasons why I got tired trying.

There were a lot of times we would have petty fights which will end up with me crying. He never really made a big gesture to make up for it which wasn't really a first for me. But the painful part was in one of our arguments, he said he will make a way to go to this event rather than spend time with me.

The hurt. A LOT.

And if ever he reads this, You are still in my heart but I think you were just meant to make me more mature in my future relationships. I never doubted you cheating on me and gave you all my trust. I just pray that in time you find that special girl you will change for her not because she wants you to change.

xx Alice

Friday, January 19, 2018


2018 is truly opening doors of opportunities as ( is recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT) as a prime local group responsible for the tri-series events in the country.

Setting the tri-series event this March, May and June, the triathlon community is sure to expect a more energized set of events that will definitely rock this year. This year, the featured events of will start with a press conference that is set at the activity area of the Century City Mall. With Century City Mall as event location host for this year, will not only have its press con at the said area but also the Tripalooza and the Awards Night giving glamour and recognition that the growing community deserves. Gracing the said recognition night event is from the DOT to give talk and support for the said community. is a hobby based on passion that grew from an online shop of triathletes needs into an event group set for beginners and elite athletes alike. Carlos De Guzman, owner and the driving force of the said event and ecommerce group, started everything with simply passion in his heart for this sport. Now on its 8th year, he gets to team up with The Big Difference Communications – a PR-Marketing-Events Management group, making the usual simply more than the usual in its appeal.

The whole tri-series event shall take place at the following locations: Philippine Sports Plaza, Nuvali and Fontana. Each location shall set the place and pace for the Aquathlon-Aquaman, Duathlon-Duoman and Triathlon-Triman events. For registration and more information on the above mentioned events, log-in at Two events worth looking at is the triathlon feat for people with disability (PWD) and the kids category, which shall be made into reality in the succeeding months as stated by

Expect a more energized tri-series and more in 2018, showing why it is more fun in the Philippines with

Mindful Journal Day 16.

There were times that I would just be all over the place with my ideas that I needed a physical notebook for me to write them. That is why I bought all those stuff the other day to provide me more time to spend less online and just write.

And I know it sounds weird coming from a blogger that she wants to spend less time online and just write, but that is how I want to do sometimes.

With social media taking over so rapidly, sometimes I just want to slow down and just enjoy my day instead of going through my instagram, facebook and twitter to know what other people are up to.

I've let go of my fear of missing out a long time ago. I realized that living MY life is more important than minding what other people are doing online.

If you noticed, I never went with the flow of things like trends and stuff because I know to myself I can't keep up with that so I will just go do my own thing. The fear of missing out is basically our brain telling us to go with the current even if we are unable to go through with that smoothly.

I've learned that if I can't go with the flow, I will make my own flow and you should too.

Being a blogger, I've been through all the phases of being a newbie to where I am now. I don't consider myself a big time blogger or a small time blogger, I just consider myself a blogger who ain't taking shit anymore. I appreciate the brands and companies that trust me till this day and I am super thankful with your support.

At my age, I would like to focus more on myself and hustle to get to the top but not stress about it too much. That is why I lay off the social media less and less everyday. I do post regularly but only when I feel its important.

That is why I am trying to write down my ideas on a notebook so it would keep me pre occupied instead of being on my tablet all day even if I have a customer.

How about you?

Much Love

xx Alice

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dynamo SBR.PH in 2018

SWIMBIKERUN.PH ( is all set to bring the home-grown triathlon community in the the recognition it deserves this 2018. As enters its 8th year, new partnerships came to front all geared for the growing local community's recognition and growth.

First into the partnership are The Big Difference Communications, a PR-Marketing and Events Management, responsible in promoting some of the sports-related events in the country such as the Philippine Ducati Weekend. They are also responsible in promoting the Axe Black-Fabio, Hattendo, Samwon; to name a few. Next into the partnership is with Black Arrow Express, the e-commerce arm of Airlift Asia Incorporated. Black Arrow Express is all set in supporting the triathlon community - now focusing the home grown triathletes development.

Part of the new partnership is also with Century Properties - Century City Mall, acting as venue host for the upcoming press conference for the Tri-Series, the TRIpalooza/SwimBikeRun Expo and Awards Night in January and February respectively. Showing recognition to the growing community and activities of is the Department of Tourism (DOT). With the focus attention on sports tourism this year, DOT is showing recognition to the growing home breed of athletes in the triathlon field.

To give more excitement to the growing Philippine triathlon community is the creation of the triathlon activity for kids and people with disability (PWD). Everything is in the works for this 2018.

The tri-series event shall start this March and conclude in June, with a press launch this January and the home-grown community recognition night in February. The tri-series shall be held in the Philippine Sports Plaza, Nuvali and Fontana while the pre-events is at the activity center of the Century City Mall in Makati City. With the awards night, new set of awards will be given out such as the Hall of Fame, Breakthrough Athlete as recognized by Black Arrow Express and a recognition coming from the DOT.

2018 is entering strong this year for the home-grown triathlon community as delivers things in style.

Mindful Journal Day 15

You know when you are in the mood to work on a project then all of a sudden you just can't work because the most important thing you need just won't work?

Yeah. My internet sucks.

The funny part in this predicament is that I usually edit my videos before I go to bed which is around 10:30PM to 11:30PM which is when not a lot of people in my house are connected to the WiFi thus I have the bandwith to myself. Wow, I sound so selfish saying that.

It just frustrates me that I should have faster internet connection during this time because if I use my mobile data my wallet will be screwed because I need to get a data plan that is way more than my budget.

And I actually pay on time on my internet service which sucks more because WHY IS MY SERVICE NOT AT PAR WITH ME PAYING ON TIME??

And another thing that iffed me today is the whole youtube partnership issue. The whole jist of it is if you don't have xx amount of views per month and xx amount of subscribers you are not eligible for youtube monetization which I was like WHAT THE FUDGE YOUTUBE?!

I have been on youtube since 2009 and I got eligibility just 2 years ago to be a youtube partner and now since I only have 636 subscribers I am not allowed to earn from making videos? You have got to be kidding me!

I admit that I don't upload regularly because my internet sucks so bad I had to shell out money for mobile data to upload my videos. It stresses me out more because I need to get 364 more people to even be eligible for the program now.

This kind of thing discourages other people such as myself because I make content on youtube and I work hard for it and just because some douche bag decided he is king of youtube he decided to violate the policy and now we have to suffer too.

Oh my goodness my blood pressure is rising. I know I'm ranting on this part but I need to get some steam off my chest because its hard to make content let alone people notice it. this is just making it harder for other content creators to be motivated in making content on their channels.

Ugh. I need to sleep. I really do.

I will try to elaborate this more on another post but for now I need to sleep.

Much Love


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 14

I got a bluetooth headphones!

I know this is a lame but the fact that I now have this amazing thing that will help me concentrate when I write because I like listening to music when I write.

But usually I listen to ambient music to make me concentrate and it works.

Today I bought some stuff because I needed to get new stuff to make me feel good. And for some reason I've learned that retail therapy is amazing when you feel miserable.

I mostly bought stationary stuff because I like writing on a notebook.

And maybe this is my adulting side but going through my accounting makes me so stressed out that I need to have a notebook for everything - no joke.

I bought a bunch of notebooks that I find cute and new pens because its never a bad idea to get a new pen once in a while.

I also bought some products to review for my youtube channel and I missed shopping for myself. I missed going through aisles of products and just be amazed.

The biggest purchase I got would probably be this at the moment and I am just in heaven after shopping. It felt so great just to do this!

Now I gotta go.
Much Love!

xx Alice

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 7 to 13

I got sick.

Its terrible.

I thought it was just a common cold or something but it was not. I got broncho pneumonia AGAIN.


I experienced it back in 2010 when I overworked myself to the point I only get 2 hours of sleep when I was working in the BPO industry which also lead me to quitting that job because I was mentally and physically exhausted getting cursed for being incompetent by someone that lived on the other side of the world.

But this time it was worse than the first one. I felt like my whole body was giving up on me that I lost a lot of energy to even move for more than five minutes at a time!

I know it might be an exaggeration, but surely it was how I felt at that exact moment.

The good thing about the experience is that I was able to enjoy the comforts of sleeping peacefully even though I felt my whole existence was about to end after every horrendous coughing fit.

I was also able to experience amazing Korean soup from my Korean neighbor when she found out I was sick. She gave me seaweed soup and also chicken with ginseng soup. It was AMAZING I TELL YOU!

Of course there were some downsides, one is that I was not able to write, film or edit anything because my body just told me to drop everything and rest.

The coughing fits were horrible. I was like coughing my lungs out of my body and at times my heart palpitated so much I thought it was going to explode at any given notice.

Its horrible being sick. But its an experience we go through to be called a normal human being. I hate it yes, but its a normal thing so just go through it, drink your fluids and enjoy an amazing sleep because once you get better its back to the old grind again.

I know I should keep up with my promise, but as much as possible I want to keep my journal as spontaneous as possible. I prefer writing it at what I prefer it to be. I will try to keep up daily for sure.

I am still getting used to writing again everyday.

Much Love!
xx Alice

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 6 of 365

I feel sick. Scratch that - I AM SICK!

This maybe because of the weather and stress coming to push me down.

I really can't breath properly which scares me to go to sleep. I had to sleep sideways or laying on top of my stomach afraid I might die if I sleep on my back. I am getting more paranoid than ever which is frustrating.

I went to the doctor's office earlier to get myself checked because what I am having doesn't want to leave me.

The doctor gave me medicine and actually advised me to get admitted but I opted not to because I don't have enough funds to get myself admitted.

I hate getting sick.

As much as I love to sleep in my bed all day, I prefer to get up and work.

So far that is what happened today.

Wish me luck for a faster recovery. I really need it.

xx Alice

Monday, January 8, 2018

Mindful Journal day 5 of 365

Yes. I know I am posting this a day after its supposed to. I can explain.

It sounds weird but on the day of my birthday I had a mental breakdown. I was emotionally exhausted to the point that I just wanted to cry.

Luckily, babe was there to calm me down because more and more my anxiety attacks become worse and worse.

One of the things I am thankful was someone made an effort to make me feel my birthday was special besides from my immediate family - my TBDC family.

They didn't really gave me the glitzy kind of party but just a simple dinner where we just spent hours upon hours of talking and catching up since I have been busy at the bakery last 2017.

TBDC has been my second family. They loved me to the point that even if I screwed up they would just be there backing me up. Besides from my immediate family, my TBDC family showed me a whole new world ahead of me. They believed in my potential and made me a better person now.

Thank you The Big Difference Communications for making my 29th birthday a special one.

The highlight of my party was when they interrogated Babe. Its weird to hear this kind of conversation from one of the closest people in your life to your current significant other.

Now I need to sleep. I am so tired and I feel I'll be having a fever.

Much Love
xx Alice

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 4 of 365


I cannot stress enough how old I feel now that my 20s are ending. That reality just hit me hard in the face when I realized that damn girl you will be entering the 30 mark in another 365 days of your life.

But nonetheless I am thankful. I am thankful of all the people, those that have stayed and those that just chose to pass by to mold me into the person that I am.

There were just things in life that will go and stay for the better so if you are experiencing that don't worry more people will come your way.

I had a talk with my mom the other night about the impending stress we will be having about expanding my business. I already told her that I will be hiring new people in to help us out and she stressed out the fact that she is one of the most paranoid people in the world.

This part actually was when our talk became a screaming match because she won't budge for it and it frustrated me because we won't go anywhere if we don't do this.

This is how me and my mom are sometimes. We are not perfect and sometimes we fight about things that matters. She is still very old school about hiring people, she prefers hiring someone she knows while for me I prefer giving chances to people because I was like that before and luckily someone believed that I can do it and now here I am.

We actually didn't end that talk because I just became too frustrated and walked out. I know that was wrong but I needed to get out of the situation because when I get frustrated I tend to hurt myself because I tend to have a heavy hand.

I really need to push my mom in saying yes and pushing through with the plan because at this rate I will lose the business that I wanted from the very start.

So far that is in my head.

Today I will just try to make it a good one for myself and hope for the best.

I will let you guys know what else happened on the next might go crazy but we will never know right?

Much Love!

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Logan Problem.

You guys know what I am talking about. 

The video where Logan Paul- the famous youtube star visits Aokigahara Forest or commonly known as Suicide Forest in Japan and unluckily sees a dead body hanging and decided to show it to the world! 

Mindful Journal day 2 and 3 of 365

I will be combining day 2 and 3 in today's post because:

1. I totally forgot to write it and I'm sorry. This will never happen for sure.

2. There was a lot of things going in my head that I can't focus.

so here goes...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mindful Journal Day 1 of 365

Hey there!

I should've wrote this sooner but you know - holidays!

I went back to manning the bakery today at 7AM. It was gruesome. I am not a morning person so putting on a smile in the morning is just dreadful for a person like me. I know its weird since I am quite known to be very outgoing and jolly but to be fair not everyone can be perfect.

Today was fine. There were a lot of free time for me to do things around the bakery. For one, I was able to organize all the items that we need to stock up like coffee and the drinks.

I'm surprised at how meticulous I am when it comes to organizing things. I get too obsessed in making it all aligned and coordinated I am surprised.

I did something stupid today though. I would like to kick myself in the face because I just sucked in keeping my mouth shut. I honestly hate my own mouth at times its annoying.

Another thing that kept me busy is reading Mangas of Junji Ito. If you don't know him-GOOGLE.HIM.NOW.

I am a big ass when it comes to horror or thrillers but I still liked watching or reading it.

I just finished reading some of Junji Ito's short mangas like the Enigma of Amigara Fault and Demon's Voice. The way he tackles everyday occurrences will make you question your own mind sometimes. Its interesting and I highly recommend reading his works.

Me and babe had a rough patch today...something personal came up and being a grumpy boyfriend that he is, he had his moment in which I had to give way to him since I don't want a fight.

I know you guys are curious about him just mentioning him here. I'll include a picture of us maybe in the next posts. I don't really want to spoil the moment for us.

Babe is more grumpy than I am so I usually had to give him some time out. Is that normal? I really don't know.

I need to sleep now. Its 2:06 AM in my clock though.  I need to wake up at around 5AM to at least be at the bakery at 6AM.

How long will I stand? I guess we will just find out ourselves.

Thanks for dropping by !

Seriously I need to improve my writing skills, its been a bit rusty since I stopped for a while, my deepest apologies if you find this too informal.

I really need to sleep now. My body is super tired. Good Night.

Much Love
xx Alice
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