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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Year end update! (What YOU should expect for 2018 here!)

Its been a whole year.


Time really flies by faster than I thought.

To everyone who continuously supports me - a big THANK YOU TO YOU GUYS! I know I haven't been updating this site for some time and I am really sorry but as we move forward to 2018 I promise to write more.

So what have I been up to this 2018?

For the first part, I was in Ozamiz City for the first quarter of the year which actually was one of the best things I have done that year. I was able to travel to this amazing place called Mindanao but mostly just got around Northern Mindanao.

It was an amazing experience but I think my homesickness got into me and I went back to Manila.

But before heading back to Manila, me and the TBDC Fam went to Cebu.

It was a short stay but it was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be seeing that amazing city which made me realize that Cebu is pretty much like Manila in some aspects but has fewer highways than we have here. Don't judge me okay?

As I got back here in Manila I started a business - which made me very busy because of the renovations. The cost of the renovations almost made me bankrupt but luckily we were able to survive.

And as the months go by, I suddenly faded into the scenes because of my business. I actually forgot that I had a blog at one point because I was so fixated in growing my business.

Yet again, this made me hate having my business because Alice was all work but no means of having a time to enjoy something.

Little by little, I went back to reading articles on the internet and then back to my youtube binge (which is super weird now as I write this) and

I can't be the same Alice that would be super dedicated in making each and every article as perfect as possible because let's be real - your girl can't be perfect even if I sell my soul to the God of the Underworld.

I can't promise to upload everyday, but I can promise to upload meaningful articles from now on.

I want this little spot on the internet be a way for us to communicate and express ourselves. I initially made this blog to express myself and now its time for me to hear your voices.

I will be doing more product reviews as always and the usual Kpop fandom here and there. There will also be a section I will dedicate for all the young ones there that are still figuring everything out.

One blog series I will be making is my mindful journal. This I will have to commit to update everyday. I will be doing an online journal of my life as I am more comfortable typing mindlessly until all thought in my head just disappear.

I hope all of you girls are having an amazing new year ahead!

and also I'm sorry this post doesn't have pictures. I will try to add some pictures once I get myself all set for 2018. I will be terribly busy in the bakery for sure today since a lot of people will be asking for sliced bread and buns all day. I will have to remind myself that I need to chill sometimes.

My stress levels are so high I don't know how I am still functioning as a normal human being!

Besides from that I will have to go now. This post is getting too long already I don't want you to be bored.

Love you guys and girls and Happy New Year!

Much Love
xx ALice


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