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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Robinson's Supermarket Indoor Cycling Challenge

One of the things I did prior to being a full time blogger is to bike. I am not the best to be honest, but the health benefits of cycling if you want to lose weight is tremendously effective.

I used to do outdoor cycling so I decided why don't I try indoor cycling. It was really out of my comfort bubble but its worth a try right?

I am really thankful to be part of Robinson Supermarket's Indoor Cycling Challenge for their North Luzon leg that was held in Robinson's in Pampanga.

The event wasn't just the challenge itself but there were also other activities the attendees can enjoy like food tasting, playing kinect and wii games, a photobooth, and also free nutrition council by a certified nutritionist.

The whole challenge consists of an exercise round in which you get used to the cycling for about 15 minutes and a competition round that is for 20 minutes.

The cycling round was a little intense already for me because I didn't know that you can do a push up which cycling! Honestly that was crazy.

Then the competition round. Initially, I didn't really plan on joining because my legs were a bit jelly from the first round but then why the heck not right? Its an experience of a lifetime so why not do it.
And the twenty minutes was actually easier since the only basis is the farthest distance.

Here is a tip I can give you - Watch a Kpop related video to keep your adrenaline pumping so you can cycle faster.

I was actually watching some BTS videos while cycling because it was crazy!

But if you are not like me when it comes to cycling, there will be music pumping you up.

I actually did well for someone who is on the chubby side. For a twenty minute cycling session I was able to reach about 11 KM. That is a big deal for me since its been a while since I last used a bicycle.

If you are interested to join, make sure to check Robinson Supermarket's Facebook page for the next leg!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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