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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

365 days of Happiness Challenge: Day 7 SPOTIFY!

If you have been a reader / follower you know already how much I love spotify. Ever since I discovered that app, it has been a match made in heaven! 

Spotify makes my life so much great with all the music in the world I can listen to. 

I know its quite weird to say it but without spotify in my day it is simply not the same. 

I just love listening to songs that this app makes me so happy when I see its icon on my phone. 

I will try to make a playlist favorites soon here and also on my youtube channel so just give me some time to compose the perfect playlist that will tell you more about me. 

Seriously I have TONS of songs on my spotify library I need to sort them out. 

So yeah. Spotify makes me happy. I know its so shallow but sometimes the things that we use and see often does make us happy too so don't judge me. 

Much Love! 

xx ALice


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