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Thursday, June 8, 2017

365 days of happiness Day 2: Writing

I remember when I was younger the very first thing I wanted to learn was to write.

When I started to write, I loved every bit of it. Now that I am older, I just remembered that and it made me smile.

Writing makes me happy. Maybe that is why I started blogging. I loved writing anything I think of, all the ideas and thoughts I have.

It made me live to write things I love, things I cherish and those that I want to do.

I remembered writing all the things I want to do before I reach 30 on a page of a notebook. I don't remember everything that is in there because it was a long time ago, but writing them down made me remember something - writing is my passion.

I started blogging to take my mind off things in my life. Then it evolved in trying to make money out of it.

I would admit that I went on a downward spiral of being hooked in monetizing my writing to earn money, it was basically easy money. But then I woke up crying because writing materials I don't like made me lose my motivation in writing.

Then that was when I stopped writing. I hated the thought of it. I became scared seeing the screen of my computer and even holding a pen and paper.

It made me sick. 

I just realized the other day that the reason I became a blogger was to influence people with what is in my mind - not to what was fed to me to write.

It made me wake up to that reality that maybe if I don't earn from this, it would still be my profession, my passion and my life.

I will keep writing till my fingers hurt because even if they bring pain, the happiness it gives me will still be there.

Much Love
xx Alice


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