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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

365 days of Happiness Challenge Day 5: Midnight Breeze

I am a nocturnal person. I find solace in the midnight breeze as much as the sunshine makes me smile when I wake up early.

Which is weird because there are days that I prefer the midnight breeze when I walk outside to inspire me. And another thing is I am terrified of the dark, but I find tranquility in how the breeze makes me feel safe.

And I think the midnight breeze makes me happy. It makes me smile to feel the breeze and just...feel alive.

I am currently stumped with a lot of backlogs of events I went to so you might see some event posts up after this.

I also have reviews I have yet to post so please bear with me.

Much Love!

xx Alice

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I have always said that sometimes we need to stop and just enjoy the sunshine - and its true! There was an article I read about the sun and making your endorphin go up.

So once in a while I just like to enjoy the sun even if I am in the city.

That actually makes me happy sometimes - sunshine!

Its sounds so weird saying that but it is true. Whenever I am just chillin on my own, I prefer seeing rays of sunshine because it reminds me of rays of hope trying to reach you.

When I was younger, me and my family lived in this house where we had huge windows and my mom had to put curtains to cover it sometimes. What I would usually do is just open it a little bit and just look at it. I was really young back then and my mother didn't showered me with toys to play but encouraged me to explore around the house and use the whole space as a play area.

My parents were radical beings so don't be surprised if I raised my kids one day like that.

My mom actually  caught me one time just lying on the floor letting the rays hit me on my chest and asked me what I was doing, I told her I was ingesting the rays with my body. Mind you I was 7 years old at that time so my mom just shaked her head and told me to get up.

I am a terribly weird kid and up until this day I still am weird.

I just love the sunshine and it makes me smile. It may sound weird and someone crazy might say but I honestly do like the sunshine.

Just don't ask me if I love it after 10 am because those are not sunshine anymore, those are death rays from the sun.

Much Love
xx Alice

Thursday, June 8, 2017

365 days of Happiness Challenge Day 3: Movies

I never thought how much of a movie buff I am when recently I went through the collection of movies I have watched online.

Being broke at the moment says a lot about it too because I don't really have that much money to have the luxury of watching a movie at the cinema house because I would rather spend my hard earned money on utilities than see a one hour plus long movie.

Most of the movies I've watched are also interesting.

Most of them are RomComs because obviously I am a girl and with the idealistic mind that one day I might meet my one true love in this circumstances, but also being half the realist/ bitter person that I am, there is only a 9.9999999% it won't happen.

The others are a mix of comedy, horror, and surprisingly enough some action was mixed in. The action ones are mostly inspired by my Papa because he loved movies that involved a bit of Bond and some other guy I forgot the name.

There was one common denominator with these movies though that I liked about. It reminded me of someone that I love.

There was this Thai movie that I kept watching over and over. It is the movie Crazy little thing called love, the one where I first met Mario Mauer (God he is such a cutie)

This movie reminded me one a man I really love back when I was in highschool. He tried pursuing a relationship with me, but I wasn't really emotionally ready. I didn't lead him on or anything, I really enjoyed his company and I always looked forward to seeing him.

But one day he just disappeared.

From time to time I still think of Joey, that's his name. I remember specifically the times he would come with me and just hang out. I really enjoyed his company and I really liked him. But I guess our destiny were not meant to be.

The good memories are still there and that is what makes me smile. Mario Mauer actually reminds me of Joey from time to time and the memories come back. Maybe that's why I keep watching that movie - Because I don't want to forget that one time in my life there was a guy named Joey that made me feel something in my heart.

If ever Joey does sees this post, I would just like to let you know that I am thankful I met you. I don't know if there might be another chance for us because its been a long time since we last talked. I still live in the same neighborhood but our neighborhood has changed a lot since you left. I do miss you and I wish to see you again.

Movies makes me smile because it reminds me of people I love. Joey is one of them.

Much Love
xx Alice

Clean Less, Live More with Mr Muscle

My mom loves to clean the house - and one of the things I want her to do is clean less because of her old age. We actually bicker about this a lot because I want her to enjoy her life too! 

Thanks to Mr Muscle, me and my mom clean less and live more and they have a promo right now that I would like to share to you girls. 

This online promo is open to all Metro Manila residents who use Mr Muscle products. In partnership with ABS-CBN, Mr Muscle will reward those who choose to clean less in order to do more in life.

There will be a total of two hundred ten (210) weekly and three (3) grand prize winners for the whole campaign duration.

Here is how you can join:

1. Participants must visit the official promo microsite to register. 
2. Participants should upload 2 images within the of a photo of themselves with a Mr Muscle product, a receipt as proof of purchase and also a caption with the hashtag #CleanLessLiveMore to accompany your photo! 
3..    Participants must purchase any of the following variants with a minimum spend of Eighty Three pesos (Php 83.00) to qualify:

i.        Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Lavender 1000ml
ii.        Mr Muscle Mold & Mildew 500ml
iii.        Mr Muscle Power Toilet Cleaner 500ml
iv.        Mr Muscle Glass & Multi Surface Fresh Cleaner 500ml

Deadline of Entries:

Selection of Weekly Prize Winners
a.     Entries received from Friday 12:01 am to Thursday 11:59pm are qualified for the weekly selection.
b.    Selection of winners will be held every Tuesday 10:00AM at the 9F Digital Media Division Office, ABS-CBN Corporation, Quezon City
c.     The winner of the weekly selection shall be announced every Tuesday at 2:00pm of the following week. via, Mr Muscle FB Page and ABS-CBN FB Page.
d.    Winners will be judged and announced on the following dates.

i.        May 09, 2017 (21 winners – week 1)
ii.        May 16, 2017 (21 winners – week 2)
iii.        May 23, 2017 (21 winners – week 3)
iv.        May 30, 2017 (21 winners – week 4)
v.        June 06, 2017 (21 winners – week 5)
vi.        June 13, 2017 (21 winners – week 6)
vii.        June 20, 2017 (21 winners – week 7)
viii.        June 27, 2017 (21 winners – week 8)
ix.        July 4, 2017 (21 winners –week 9)
x.        July 11, 2017 (21 winners for week 10 & 3 grand winners)

Selection of Grand Prize Winners
a.    All entries from entire promo duration are qualified for the Selection of Grand Prize Winners.

Okay let's go to the PRIZES

Prizes with Specifications:
Weekly Prize Winners:

o    Twenty one (21) weekly chosen winners
    GCs worth Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00)
Grand Prize Winners:
    Three (3) chosen grand winners
- Two (2) sets of roundtrip tickets from Manila to Boracay and vice-versa with hotel accommodations (standard room) for three (3) days and two (2) nights at Henan Garden Resort Boracay plus free breakfast and P20,000.00 pocket money.

- One (1) set of roundtrip tickets from Manila to Singapore and vice-versa with hotel accommodation (standard room) for three (3) days and two (2) nights at Bay Hotel Singapore with free breakfast and P50, 000.00 pocket money. Plus one (1) set of one-day tickets to Universal Studios Singapore.

   Are you guys excited? I am excited to join this promo! 
  Make sure to check out for more information! 

Much Love! 
xx ALice

365 days of happiness Day 2: Writing

I remember when I was younger the very first thing I wanted to learn was to write.

When I started to write, I loved every bit of it. Now that I am older, I just remembered that and it made me smile.

Writing makes me happy. Maybe that is why I started blogging. I loved writing anything I think of, all the ideas and thoughts I have.

It made me live to write things I love, things I cherish and those that I want to do.

I remembered writing all the things I want to do before I reach 30 on a page of a notebook. I don't remember everything that is in there because it was a long time ago, but writing them down made me remember something - writing is my passion.

I started blogging to take my mind off things in my life. Then it evolved in trying to make money out of it.

I would admit that I went on a downward spiral of being hooked in monetizing my writing to earn money, it was basically easy money. But then I woke up crying because writing materials I don't like made me lose my motivation in writing.

Then that was when I stopped writing. I hated the thought of it. I became scared seeing the screen of my computer and even holding a pen and paper.

It made me sick. 

I just realized the other day that the reason I became a blogger was to influence people with what is in my mind - not to what was fed to me to write.

It made me wake up to that reality that maybe if I don't earn from this, it would still be my profession, my passion and my life.

I will keep writing till my fingers hurt because even if they bring pain, the happiness it gives me will still be there.

Much Love
xx Alice

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

365 Days of Happiness Challenge

Its been a while since I wrote a really personal post on this blog. The reason for that is nobody really reads my blog anymore and I have lost my interest in speaking my mind.

Nobody will care anyway. 

But then one day it hit me - I have become the thing I didn't want, an empty shell with no happiness.

I've lost my sense of happiness and I want to get it back. and I am starting today.

For the next 365 days I will find my happiness. The thing that makes my heart beat and makes me smile even if the whole world is dim in front of me.

If you see this post, you may disregard it as just another 20 somethings search for the inevitable but what the hell.

Each day I will be post something that made me happy. It may be a simple text, emoji or simply the sky.

I want to see that Alice that doesn't give a single fuck what the world thinks about her - because she is the only boss bitch she needs to keep moving up.

Join me in finding happiness. Who knows you might find yours here too.

Much Love.
xx Alice
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