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Saturday, May 13, 2017

FUNtastic Time with the Kids at Cool Kids and Funtastic International

As an aunt of three amazing but slightly hyperactive kids, it won’t be a surprise to see them so excited to go back to school because we taught them that education is supposed to be fun not boring.

And along with that, having the right bag for your child’s needs is the way to go.

I am so thankful to be part of the invited digital media influencers as Funtastic International Inc. showcased the latest designs they have in their showroom that will be available to the market soon.
Funtastic International Inc., has established itself for 17 years with its brands Cool Kids, Baby Bliss, Creadough, Zigo, Latitude, and Fluffy Friends. Not only do they have colorful and lovely characters that make up their brands, but these characters play different roles in teaching kids how to care for the environment.

As a progressive company, not only was making a profit in their mind but also making a difference to their customers by knowing the importance of taking care of the environment. As part of their campaign to spread awareness in taking care of the environment, Funtastic Internation Inc. donates part of the proceeds of the sale of its products towards environmental care.

With the new school year coming up, make sure to check out Funtastic International Inc.’s newest products.

They also have bags fit for teens and young adults under their line Latittude. Their designs are so unique and fashionable but still won’t break the bank.

Visit the Cool Kids website, and to learn more about the company and its products. 

Much Love~ 

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