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Friday, October 14, 2016

Great Brows and Lashes at Ooh La lash now in Glorietta 2!

Don't deny this - Perfectly groomed brows and long, lush lashes changes your life. Its a fact. 

But where do you go to get these? I would definitely suggest Ooh La lash in Glorietta 2. 

Ooh La Lash Lash Extension Lounge is a new Lash haven that have opened its first branch in Glorietta 2 recently. With its exceptional service that is catered to each individual you won't feel overwhelmed with its variety of services because their highly qualified team will help you pick out the perfect set of lashes for your needs.

I got mine done recently and this lounge is by far the best in my opinion.

This is not the first time I got lash extensions so when I got mine it was like taking a nap and waking up with a full set of lashes Beyonce style haha! 

They have a variety of lashes you can choose from. From natural to one that you know she has lash extensions!

Quick Tip: If you are a first timer, try the natural lashes first. Don't go full on Diva lashes because they are heavier and can be an intense look. But if you like that look you do you boo ok?

The lashes that they use is minx lashes which are very light and natural looking. It is also approved to be used to the skin by the FDA so you are assured that they won't irritate your eyes. 

My whole experience can be defined in one word: relaxing.



Their staff are so great that you wouldn't really feel anything is being put in your lashes as they do the procedure on you. The procedure is about 45 minutes long so if you want to nap go ahead.

The coolest thing about the whole experience is that the staff will guide you through the steps of and give you the do's and don't of the lash extension procedure which will save you the agony of seeing lashes falling out due to not being careful.

If you want to know how much you can get these eye lash extensions - its only 690 pesos! So cool right? But if you choose another type of lashes it might go higher so if you are a first timer try this first ok?

To know more about Ooh La Lash you can visit and follow them of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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