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Friday, October 14, 2016

Everyday is a Spa Day at Nailaholics

Isn't it amazing when you get your nails done? I actually love getting my nails done because its relaxing and also getting your nails done is a way to energize yourself. 

One place I would like to recommend is the Vitamin Sea Package of Nailaholics. 

Nailaholics is basically your vacation house for your hands, nails, and feet. They offer a wide variety of services from manicures to paraffin waxing sessions. 

I got myself the Vitamin Sea package and had it done on Nailaholics Gateway branch which I was surprised because I didn't knew Gateway had a new wing in the mall which made me look like a total dummy going around each floor looking for it so make sure to check the mall map next time! 

So going back I mentioned that I tried the Vitamin Sea package which is basically a manicure, pedicure and foot spa session. 

The whole interior of Nailaholics resembles a pinterest board of my dream house in Malibu or the Hampton.

 It is airy and cozy but still stylish and comfortable. The one that I love the most is they have matching colored couches to the walls which was so cute I really wanted to take one home with me.


But of course its a big couch that I can't bring home so I will just settle in enjoying sitting in it. 

I was assisted by Ate Lea and Jen which were so nice and helpful when I asked them questions about Nailaholics and also how long does this package last. Typically it would be around 45 minutes to an hour which was actually a good amount of time especially if you are on a tight schedule. 

With close to 70 destinations nationwide, you can book an appointment nearest to you and pamper yourself. 

For my session I picked a deep purple nail polish from Morgan Taylor which is actually fit for fall. And yes I know Philippines has no fall season but I just want to get into the vibe on it. I actually forgot the name of the exact color but you can pick yours from the various nail polishes they have from OPI, ORLY, and also LA Colors. 

The Foot spa session was really relaxing since Jen also did some reflexology to my tired legs and feet. The manicure also comes with a short but relaxing massage. 

The whole session is 690 pesos which is a bit of a splurge but for the name of relaxation I am willing to cash out that much money because their service is excellent. 

And at the moment they are having a promo which is 20% off on their Paraffin services that is still valid till the end of October so make sure to book your appointment at Nailaholics! 

Overall, I am really satisfied with the service, the staff are really nice the interior is amazing and I am going back the next time I want to have my nails done here because its so near my house and I can go shopping or hang around with friends! 

For other information about Nailaholics and their services you can go to or check them out of Facebook and Instragram!

So today's question is What do you do to de-stress? Make sure  comment below! I love seeing your responses! 

Much Love! 
xx Alice


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