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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Movie Review: Train To Busan

What happens if you combine two of my favorite things to watch - Korean and Zombie movies would probably be a mind blowing experience to me.

I was actually planning on doing a Kpop Friday on this but then again - its not entirely something that is only in Korea so its a movie review instead. 

And when Train to Busan was released here in Manila I was like (see the picture)

But then again I am broke. 

So when the trailer came out I immediately went through my friend list and asked some of my friends if they can treat me to a movie in exchange to anything I can cook them. I got my friend Dane hooked because she loves my pasta dish so much.

I am such a user friendly person haha! but actually being broke makes me think of ways to get what I want but still not shortchange the other person so don't judge me!

So ayun na nga nanood kami ni ateng Dane ng Train to Busan. Thank you and I hope nagustuhan mo Dane yung pasta na dala ko na effort kung effort ka ipuslit sa loob ng movie house para dun kainin haha!

And also if you are expecting too much spoilers, you guys know that I don't do that! but there is a little of that but I won't say the entire story.

Let's begin shall we?

The whole scoop of the movie was actually a bit boring at first for me since it was just a zombie flick that stared Gong Yoo (Hello there Coffee Prince!) and some other Korean stars which if I write their most notable work will just bore you too much if you are not a Korean Drama/Movie Addict like yours truly.

It had the typical mix of characters that you would hate and also love at the same time. 
But there was one character that I actually hated a lot throughout the movie because of how selfish he was in the movie. If you have watched the movie, you would know who I am talking about. 

The thought of being in a moving vehicle that only has two possible way out and one being throwing yourself out of that moving vehicle scares the shit out of me then you add the zombies -


I do love the whole dynamics of the film that it showcases a similar dynamic as to the Walking Dead - The morality of choosing whether to save just yourself or also your fellowmen.

I think the most notable character in the movie to me besides from Gong Yoo was actually the homeless man. He was a character in the movie that you wouldn't really think is important, but as you watch the movie you see that he is very important after all.

The movie is quite heart breaking though due to most of its characters dying throughout the film. Just like in any series - do not attach yourself in liking any character in that series, it will just break your heart if they die or turn evil, or turn evil then die - you get the point right?

I am quite impressed though with the film because although the dynamic was very complex, the plot didn't really had that heavy back story like in some Western zombie movies. The movie focuses on the characters getting to Busan via KTX (Korea Train Express) which I just found out was farther than I thought it was.

The movie is super exciting to watch. Its not as gory as how Western zombie movies are so if you don't like too much gore this movie is okay to watch.


So make sure to check out Train to Busan soon swear hindi sya waste of money!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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