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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


With buying a home being a top priority for Filipinos, we must also consider getting a house from a reputable company that will help us build a better future for our family. Check out the press release provided for Camella's newest development. 

" With its thrust to continuously bring innovations into its developments, Camella – the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. – unveils its newest home offering: The Manors, vertical villages that offer a perfect blend of comfort and convenience of condo living and the friendly embrace of a caring community.

Strategically located at the heart of Vista Land’s communicity developments, The Manors promises holistic lifestyle to its residents with its unmatched access to commercial areas, innovative business districts, bustling expanse for learning and leisure, and more of life’s necessities.

“We, in Camella, continue to diversify to meet our customers’ varying needs and demands for affordable living spaces in most ideal locations. The Manors answers the needs of families, couples, young professionals and property investors for value-for-money living spaces that are close to business and commercial districts,” explained Mr. Red Rosales, Vista Land’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Launched during a grand event attended by its top sales force who flew in from all parts of the country, Camella presented The Manors at Vista Alabang, a community of 14 mid-rise vertical villages, that offer affordable 30 sq. m studio units complete with modular kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. Each vertical village is fully-equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art amenities such as the Great Hall, Pergola Walk, Summer Reading Nook, swimming pool, children’s playground and play court.

The Manors at Vista Alabang is easily accessible via Daang Hari Road, which leads to more access points: from Daang Hari road to Makati via MCX; from Las Piñas to Alabang-Zapote Road via Marcos Alvarez Road; and from Manila to Coastal Road via Molino Boulevard.

“With its strategic location, The Manors at Vista Alabang is guaranteed to earn great value over the years, making it a solid investment,” added Mr. Rosales.

Apart from Vista Alabang, The Manors will also rise in major cities and municipalities across the country such as Bacolod and Davao.

Camella caters to the affordable to mid-income segment of the property market. It has been recognized in an industry study as the most preferred and trusted housing brand in the Philippines. To date, the group has built more than 300,000 homes and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 36 other key provincial destinations and 95 cities and municipalities.

For more information about Camella, call their hotline at 226-3552. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements through Like “Camella Official” on Facebook and follow “@CamellaOfficial” on Twitter and Instagram."

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Monday, September 12, 2016

FINALLY ANSWERING! Why I am not in a relationship

Its no joke that I am 27 years old and I am now getting pressured by my relatives to be in a relationship. 

And this is probably one of the blog posts that I am dying to share to my relatives both here in Manila and abroad to finally answer the coveted question: Alice, Why are you not in a relationship?

I get asked this question so many times I may answer while still writing an article and watching a Korean drama! 

So to my relatives and everyone who is interested please read this article to know the 3 reasons why I am not in a the moment. 

1. I prefer career advancement than a relationship status. 

Being a 27 year old single woman, I have tons of time in my hands to be my own boss. I am currently focused on being a blogger and youtube content creator because I love what I am doing. It might not pay as much as when I was working in an office but it makes me happy and I want to be happier with my job right now. 

And seriously I would prefer spending a whole day in the comfort of my room filming, editing and also writing stuff for my blog and youtube channel because my brain is constantly coming up with ideas that I get so pumped doing all those in a day. 

2. I want to love myself more at the moment. 

Most of my family didn't knew this but I was in a relationship 7 years ago. It was only a three month relationship which ended with me breaking up with the guy because he basically used me to get something. It got me burnt out with the fact that I might never be enough for anyone. 

And after that happened, I went into a downward spiral of mishaps in my life which I will never regret because I became a better person after doing those. If you are thinking I became an alcoholic or I tried drugs -NO! I just went through a series of incidents which tested me as a woman. Thankfully I survived. 

I decided that if I want to be loved unconditionally, I should love myself first. I actually love myself a lot more now than I had 7 years ago. It is a long process that actually required me to know myself more than I thought I knew. But I can say that I still need more time to love myself before I give that kind of love to another person. 

3. I want to have fun with myself before I find THE ONE.

If ever I meet the one now or later, I want to have fun first. I want to experience all the things I only see in pictures and articles. I want to meet new people first to know more about myself before showing myself to that man that will make me the happiest girl in the world. 

It might be going on a random road trip with my friends, or just looking up to watch the stars or maybe go party and be wild, I just want to have fun first with myself to have all these memories my friends will tell him as a way to embarrass me. But I am bat shit crazy anyway so what's new? haha! 

So to my relatives who are so concerned towards my relationship status - please take a chill pill because I won't die alone, I promise. I just want to be my own person first before I share the rest of my life with someone else. And if I meet the ONE, I promise I'll host a party for all of you to meet him. 

But for now please let me kick some balls to be my own boss ok? 

I love you guys so much and thank you for being loving and super supportive of me! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Movie Review: Train To Busan

What happens if you combine two of my favorite things to watch - Korean and Zombie movies would probably be a mind blowing experience to me.

I was actually planning on doing a Kpop Friday on this but then again - its not entirely something that is only in Korea so its a movie review instead. 

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