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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hush..Don't Breathe (My BreakOut Philippine's Experience)

One of things I am absolutely scared of is the dark. I feel that there is something or someone looking at me so even the thought of being in a dark room gives me the goosebumps. 

Also the most unlucky part of my personality as a Capricorn is if you put me in a scenario in which a person's life (role play or real life) is in my hands and I didn't do something or anything that can save them would be the burden of me - for eternity. 


This post is probably going to be the longest experience post I will ever make to date so be prepared. Go get your favorite tea, coffee, soda or maybe all of the above and get some snacks because I will tell you my experience trying out BreakOut Philippine's latest room called 'Hush'.

And also there might be some profanity in the experience part just to let you know that K?

About The Room

Hush is a live action escape room game inspired by the upcoming suspense thriller "Don't Breathe" I won't tell much about the design of the rooms because if you have seen the trailer you might get an idea already. 

The atmosphere of the room is dark and eerie much like if you enter a house that is decrepit and abandoned for a while...or so you thought.

About The Game

Here is the scenario according to Breakout Philippines: You and your friends break into a house of a wealthy blind man, thinking you'll get away with the perfect heist. You're wrong. 

The main objective is basically heist the place and escape the blind man which is quite violent if I may add. I literally cried the first time I had an encounter with him in the dark because I think I was a step away from him and I can feel his aura while I was on the floor - trying not to breathe. The character that played the blind man was scary AF. I almost forgot to mention that you and your team will only have 45 minutes to accomplish all of this. 

My Experience

I will not give any spoilers on how to play the game so don't even think about asking me what to do if you try it out because Breakout Philippines actually don't use the same combinations and puzzles for each players so yeah it sucks but its okay because that way you really have a full on real experience of it. 

Okay so let's start with this shall we? To be honest the group I was in was a bunch of younger millennials who were excited but at the same time scared as I was (yes guys and girls I feel so old near them so di kinaya ng ateng nyo but I loved their company nonetheless).

To add to the stress I am getting myself into I had body pains and a high fever due to the fact that I was getting the flu and so I was pale as a vampire when we begun - so nice right? haha...not really.

Though because my heart was pumping too much I might've gone into a mini mental breakdown the first few minutes inside the room.  Which thankfully I was able to overcome that or else I would've 'died' in the first few minutes of the game. Total bummer for sure.

Before we entered the room we were given the rules and also we were told to put our stuff in the locker provided. In the game we are allowed to search for clues and items we might need but if an item can't be moved or its too heavy - Its not meant to be moved (parang kami lang ng ex ko hindi talaga meant to be. Sorry off topic lang

And also we were given an initial tip we can use inside the room 


And since we are a group of newbies that will go on a heist we have a team leader. And those that would like to know his name - I do not know friends! there was no getting-to-know-each-other  because he immediately told us to open the door we are supposed to enter. 

In this part of the experience I won't give you too much details because I will just spoil the fun right? So forgive me because I will just pour out my emotions to the world of what I felt on that dreaded 45 minute live action escape game. 

On the first part we encountered the blind man the initial phrase I told my lungs was OH !@#$@%^#$^ please don't let me cough please! I beg of you dear lungs because I want you to cooperate with me!

Because honestly the room was quite dusty so if you have an allergy towards that it might be hard for you to play this game. As for my lungs, it did its best not to make me cough throughout the whole game maybe because of my adrenaline going on hyper mode.

And I was actually slammed by my team mates and team leader to the wall which almost had me coughing because of the impact. Thankfully the cushion A.K.A fat around the abdominal and gluteal region lessened the sound of the impact. (see what I did there? *wink wink* SCIENCE! haha)

The second encounter actually sealed the deal of how scary the blind man was for me. He was really convincing in letting us know that we won't get out alive of his house and many had attempted it but they all "died"

My initial thoughts about the blind man in this point was:

This man is bat-shit crazy...and scary. Can I go home now? He can keep his money! I don't care! I still love my life!

Me and my team mates actually scrambled in this part and we panicked a little bit. Most of us were pushing each other to get what we needed there and just get out. We were able to get it and move forward. At this point my anxiety level was at a two so I was still a little calm. I did remind my team mates that we can search for clues but remember to put them back the way it was because remember how blind people are aware of their surroundings? yeah. we need to be part of his surroundings.

When we moved forward to the next step of the escape room, I was the one who wandered off than the rest of the team because I let them handled looking for clues since for some reason I want to be the one to be on the front lines if in case the blind man suddenly appears and I'll just be the token girl to die first.

Then the lights went off. Shit.

 Remember when I told you guys earlier that I am scared of the dark - its true. From two, my anxiety level went up to a seven that instant. I actually cried that my team members got shocked because I might just scream and say I quit. But then I held on to my promise to finish the game.

There were a lot of clues and puzzles we need to get in order to accomplish the game so having company is absolutely what I can suggest you guys to do if you will go try this room out. There were also some parts that me and my team mates struggled because there were times that we mixed the clues that we found and it didn't matched up which frustrated us. We actually got stuck in the second step the longest because we were panicking and became frustrated, but luckily none of us blew a fuse.

By the way, If you encounter the blind man make sure not to make any noise. Make sure to practice your senses being heightened - especially your hearing because it will help you further in the game.

On one part of the game which we encountered the blind man I remembered seeing one half of my teammate's body hiding in one of the shelf because in her perspective if she can't run away from him she will just find a safe hiding place. As for me, I was stuck knelling and crouching on the floor when it was pitch dark. The floor was dirty that I was thankful I was wearing my least favorite jeans and shoes in this game so I won't have any problems when I get home to be asked about it.

There was one part of the room which I told my teammates is where we might be going next because even though its hidden to the naked eye, the ear will not lie - well mine doesn't.

And I was right!

By the time we moved on to that part thanks to our leader that helped us more to find what we need to get out. I was sure that this is the final step to accomplish our mission.

But we failed. 

As much as I want to tell you guys EVERYTHING that we did in the room it would also mean I am spoiling the fun of trying out "Hush". And its like I am letting you guys down by doing such a douchebag move like this - but its for your own good guys and girls so don't hate me.

Okay! I can't help it! I will let you in on some situations I could've done in the game. But there is a 50-80% chance that you might not be able to do this too because you are going to be scared too...or you might forget.

1. Distraction

I thought what if I distracted the blind man to get him away from us? Could that have saved us more time rather than trying to hold our breath while he is in the room?

It can be throwing an item to cause noise to startle the blind man or try to confuse him where the sound is coming from.

2. Be the Token

Since this game was a try out game, if one of us "dies" the game won't be over. If I could've just went with my gut and be the token girl to get something from the second step of the game my team mates would've survived and we got the last part of the puzzle with our leader.

3. Listened to my Intuition

This is the one I regretted the most in the game - not listening to my intuition! Its been 4 days and this part is the one that makes me cringe every time that specific situation reminds me why I didn't listen to my intuition.

And it breaks my heart because someone "died" because I didn't listen to myself.

So there, That is my whole experience. Honestly its an emotional ride for me because even though me and my team mates are not particularly close at first, we actually became quite close because of this experience.

There are some things that I can't tell you guys about this room which means you have to try it out yourself.

Don't worry, its not that scary. Its just bat-shit scary haha! kidding! 

Don't forget to also check out Don't Breathe in cinemas this coming August 31, 2016.

If you are interested in trying out Hush or any rooms in Breakout Philippines I suggest you check out their website to see the rooms they have available.

They currently have 3 branches in Paragon Plaza, Katipunan and the latest which is at Serendra Piazza - Each with a different set of rooms to try out for yourself and your friends.

If you are thinking of a good team building activity this would be it! Each room has a maximum capacity of 6 people so building trust among your friends or colleagues this way is the best actually.

And also if its your first time to play the game and you finished it under 45 minutes you and your friends will be part of the Living Legends board. So make sure to do well in playing ok?

Okay before I go and plug Breakout Philippines I just have something to say to the two guys that made my adrenaline rush for 45 minutes straight.

To our team leader, 

nasabi ko na cute ka ayan madami ka ng fans dahil pag sinabi ko na cute TOTOO! madami na mag aabang sayo sa paragon to get to know you LOL pero honestly I really like your character. Grabe sa pagka- bad ass! much like my friends in real life. If that is your personality in real life siguro inaya na kita sa tambayan namen haha! Thank you for being so convincing. Napaiyak mo ko ng sobra at sorry kung hindi ako nagpaka token girl dahil natakot din ako  -_- promise babalikan kita ha? Till we meet again! 

To the blind man,

You sir are one bat-shit crazy man! Wag mo gawin saken ulet yung ginawa mo dati dahil baka mag ka heart attack na ko next time. You are THAT convincing na until now I remember that one scenario that you almost had my heart jump out of my body - wag ganun! wala na nga akong love life papaalisin mo pa sa katawan ko yung puso ko! kelangan ko pa ibigay sa lalaking magmamahal saken ng tunay yan blind man! You did a great job man and I won't forget you as well. Till we meet again...possibly after a some time ha? magpapa therapy muna ako sa ginawa mo saken. 

Also don't forget to follow Breakout Philippines on their social networking sites for more updates. I will be going back soon to try it out with my other friends so expect an update soon!

Have you tried Breakout Philippines? Don't be a stranger and share your experience on the comments section!

Much Love!

xx Alice


Vlan said... [Reply]

Hi,nice review! would you mind to give directions on how to go there? Thanks

Vlan said... [Reply]

Hi, nice review! Can you tell us the directions on how to go there if we're coming from quezon city? Thanks

Alice said... [Reply]

Hi! Thank you so much in reading my post. The easiest way I can tell you to get to Paragon Plaza is ride the bus from cubao and tell the conductor to drop you off at Paragon Plaza. Paragon Plaza is beside the Ricoa chocolate factory and is actually on the northbound side of EDSA. there is a foot bridge near the drop off point so don't worry. Hope this helps! and have fun!

PS if you are travelling by car use google maps or waze k? :D

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