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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Am I obnoxious? Tell me.

I seriously come off as obnoxious or sarcastic OR snobby sometimes in person which is weird because I'm not! 

The reason why I am sharing this to you internet friends is because I need your feedback about this - do I really sound like that in my posts? 

Here is a situation I will share to you guys which just happened the other day: 

Me and some friends were hanging out in Maginhawa then all of a sudden a random guy approached our table to talk to me. I am the kind of person that will entertain and talk to you but if I am not interested I will try to dismiss you and let you on your way faster than a McDonald's employee in the cashier - my time and yours don't want to be wasted more in frivolous talk so please spare us both the agony and get on with your life!

So this guy randomly talks to me and asks me if I do photography since he saw my camera in our table, I told him yes I do but only as a hobby. 

He then just talks and talks endlessly on how I should improve my photography skills with the kinds of aperture setting and shutter speed shit that I already know. Mind you that this guy didn't even asked if he can see my portfolio (which is stored in my google drive) and I just had him ramble on and on and on like he is a professor of photography. 

And at this point my friends started giving me the look that I need to throw away this guy because he is annoying so I did and here is what I said to him 

"Hey thanks for the talk about photography, but unfortunately I already know those because 1. I actually study photography even if its a hobby and 2. why give me a lecture? you haven't even seen my portfolio" 

He suddenly stands up looking really offended and says "I thought you were a nice girl but you are just as obnoxious as your ugly friends"

Hold up! Hold up! 

At this point I was ready to give him the finger of truth and shove it down his throat but I just told him goodbye instead because he is not worth my time. 

So tell me - am I obnoxious? I let the guy talk like he is in a symposium then when I dismissed him he tells me I am obnoxious?! really now?

So let me know on the comments section if I am. I won't be offended because I am asking your opinions about me. To my long time readers, you know how shitty sometimes I am so let out that bitch inside of you and let me know what you think. I would very much appreciate it. 

In other news, I will be sharing to you guys some cool stuff but it is still in the works so I will let you know once they are good to go but I will update you more soon! 

I am also thinking of updating my site because I feel it needs one since I have been using this format for the longest time - and yes I am getting bored by it haha! 

Also! don't be a stranger and follow me on instagram guys I am more active there in updates so you can get more info there to some stuff going on so make sure to follow me! its @alicemate on instagram :D

So since the weather is making me crawl back to bed I will crawl back in because its so cold I will just spend today enjoying the cold weather - If you are feeling the same make sure to enjoy it but if you are working I am so sorry for you my friend. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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