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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beauty Magnet Trading celebrates its 9th year!

Sometimes buying beauty products online can be a bit of confusing situation for some - especially if you are a beginner at this playing field. So having an online retail store that sells beauty products that has been in the market for almost a decade is a blessing for us beauty junkies such as Beauty Magnet!

As a registered company that has been operating since 2007, Beauty Magnet has built a reputation not just here in the Philippines but also internationally of selling authentic but also great quality health and beauty products for Pinays around the world.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hydro Manila Music Festival Making history happen!

It has been raining for the past few days. And it reminds me of the days I was a kid and my parents don't usually allow me to play in the rain because I had a weak immune system as a kid. I can't blame them because they know if I play in the rain the next few hours will be high fevers and a doctor's appointment. Luckily now that I am quite older I can do what I want which also means playing in the rain. 

But seriously I won't just play in the rain anymore at my age - I'd rather party in the rain! 

And I think I have a plan already by the end of the month for one - Hydro Manila Music Festival. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Am I obnoxious? Tell me.

I seriously come off as obnoxious or sarcastic OR snobby sometimes in person which is weird because I'm not! 

The reason why I am sharing this to you internet friends is because I need your feedback about this - do I really sound like that in my posts? 

Here is a situation I will share to you guys which just happened the other day: 

Me and some friends were hanging out in Maginhawa then all of a sudden a random guy approached our table to talk to me. I am the kind of person that will entertain and talk to you but if I am not interested I will try to dismiss you and let you on your way faster than a McDonald's employee in the cashier - my time and yours don't want to be wasted more in frivolous talk so please spare us both the agony and get on with your life!

So this guy randomly talks to me and asks me if I do photography since he saw my camera in our table, I told him yes I do but only as a hobby. 

He then just talks and talks endlessly on how I should improve my photography skills with the kinds of aperture setting and shutter speed shit that I already know. Mind you that this guy didn't even asked if he can see my portfolio (which is stored in my google drive) and I just had him ramble on and on and on like he is a professor of photography. 

And at this point my friends started giving me the look that I need to throw away this guy because he is annoying so I did and here is what I said to him 

"Hey thanks for the talk about photography, but unfortunately I already know those because 1. I actually study photography even if its a hobby and 2. why give me a lecture? you haven't even seen my portfolio" 

He suddenly stands up looking really offended and says "I thought you were a nice girl but you are just as obnoxious as your ugly friends"

Hold up! Hold up! 

At this point I was ready to give him the finger of truth and shove it down his throat but I just told him goodbye instead because he is not worth my time. 

So tell me - am I obnoxious? I let the guy talk like he is in a symposium then when I dismissed him he tells me I am obnoxious?! really now?

So let me know on the comments section if I am. I won't be offended because I am asking your opinions about me. To my long time readers, you know how shitty sometimes I am so let out that bitch inside of you and let me know what you think. I would very much appreciate it. 

In other news, I will be sharing to you guys some cool stuff but it is still in the works so I will let you know once they are good to go but I will update you more soon! 

I am also thinking of updating my site because I feel it needs one since I have been using this format for the longest time - and yes I am getting bored by it haha! 

Also! don't be a stranger and follow me on instagram guys I am more active there in updates so you can get more info there to some stuff going on so make sure to follow me! its @alicemate on instagram :D

So since the weather is making me crawl back to bed I will crawl back in because its so cold I will just spend today enjoying the cold weather - If you are feeling the same make sure to enjoy it but if you are working I am so sorry for you my friend. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

That Frustrating WALL!

Over the weekend I had a meltdown. 

I had a meltdown for not being good enough anymore. 

Which means I had hit the wall of uncreativity. And it frustrates me. 

Maybe due to the pressure from my mom (and other people) to get a desk job or  being broke, or the pressure of being "not good enough" to other people just made my brain shut down for a day. 

And I was also sick so it made me feel worst than ever. 

That day made me question why am I even writing in the first place if people don't recognize it right? It made me think that I am not good enough to be a blogger anymore because I'm getting to be too 'generic' like the others. 

I spent the whole day just laying in bed and just crying that even my mom got concerned because she thought I was getting worst with my fever. 

After crying out for several hours, I got the courage to get up and read something. And sure enough scrolling through reddit and 9gags made me realize something. Just like the millions of posts on those sites my post might have a small chance that it will be discovered, but it will be discovered somehow by other people in time. 

It made me realize that yes, I am just like any other blogger out there, but I am still different in other ways. 

I curse in some posts and say the real shit sometimes. I have insecurities that is all over my body, but people think I am perfect nonetheless. 

I am lonely but definitely not alone on this journey. 

To those that noticed how different I was last Sunday, thank you for noticing and just letting me know you are there. I was surprised in how much you know me when I am not my usual self. 

If you guys don't know I have clinical depression so there are times that this quirky, crazy girl goes south with negative thoughts and just locks out the world in her tiny bubble. 

Usually I would get over this slump in a couple of days or maybe weeks but thankfully I was able to get out faster than I thought. 9gag and Reddit did a great job. 

So just to let you girls and guys know, yes! I am still here. I will continue to write even if I don't have tons of hits or followers, I will still write until my hands can't write no more. People might get offended with my posts, but that's okay at least I got the message through right? 

So if you are stuck in front of that wall too make sure to get a sledgehammer and ram it through that wall as if it was your ex-boyfriend's face. You might get over it faster that way LOL. 

I have yet to talk to my therapist this week because as you guys know therapy is fucking expensive so I need to earn some money first to get a session on its way. But maybe by the time I get the money I am over it so I might just pay some dues with that money. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hush..Don't Breathe (My BreakOut Philippine's Experience)

One of things I am absolutely scared of is the dark. I feel that there is something or someone looking at me so even the thought of being in a dark room gives me the goosebumps. 

Also the most unlucky part of my personality as a Capricorn is if you put me in a scenario in which a person's life (role play or real life) is in my hands and I didn't do something or anything that can save them would be the burden of me - for eternity. 


This post is probably going to be the longest experience post I will ever make to date so be prepared. Go get your favorite tea, coffee, soda or maybe all of the above and get some snacks because I will tell you my experience trying out BreakOut Philippine's latest room called 'Hush'.

And also there might be some profanity in the experience part just to let you know that K?

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Crash Course for First time Bridesmaids

This might be the first time I will say that in all the weddings I have attended this is the first time I became a bridesmaid. 

I'm a freakin' bridesmaid guys!!!

First and foremost I will say that it is deeply an honor to be part of this event. The bride is actually one of my closest friends that I consider my sister so when she told me that she wants me to be one of her bridesmaids I felt overjoyed. 

I did encounter some problems in the process because of financial constraints. The gown to be exact. But thankfully I was able to rent a gown for about 700 pesos that comes with free alterations in Marikina City. You can check the info about that on my vlog channel.

One of the things that I learned in this experience is that you need to be ready like a girl scout on the day of the wedding. Make sure to expect the unexpected. Which I didn't prepare myself for

The theme of the wedding is Royal Blue and Silver. So our gowns have to match the color as well. I had a long gown with a silver belt. Compared to the other bridesmaids I had the thickest silver belt because I had to cover up the ruching in the midsection. Also the back had some problems thankfully Tita Connie - Marica's Mom was able to help me do something about it. 

Seriously Marica tell your mom I love her! She just saved me BIG TIME! 

One of the things that I was also not surprised in doing is a dance with the bride, groom and some of the entourage. We danced in the song Trumpets - not my finest moment because 1. I am not a dancer by nature and 2. I have extreme stage fright when it comes to dancing which will require me to have some liquid courage which was not present in the occasion.

I am quite proud though in one part of the wedding which is me singing some sweet tunes for the Bride, Groom and the guests. I was a wedding singer in one part of my life so it was a walk down the memory aisle. That is one thing you can advise me to do without any struggle - Singing!

I almost forgot that moment that I almost got the bouquet. And honestly I don't want to get it so I really made it an effort that I don't get it. Not that I don't want to get married, but it will just put a lot of pressure from a lot of people that I need to get married because I am 27. Okay this topic is fit for another post so expect that really soon.

I also loved the souvenir because its a fan! I am a big sucker for these kind of things because its something that is very useful and would also remind you of that certain moment in your life. Unfortunately though someone took my fan which sucks because I don't know where I put it to even lose it in the first place! Yes I am that forgetful which sucks.

Overall, The wedding was such a success and I loved all of it. I have so much respect on people who do this kind of things and even to the couples who plan this special day because it is freakin' stressful! I have tried events planning before so I know the stress and the struggle is real but you can't show it.

I would just like to give a HUGE shout out to the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Jerome and Joan Canlas. I know you guys are perfect for each other. Jerome make sure to make my girl smile everyday and I know there would times that you and my friend won't be able to see eye to eye but remember that you guys are a team so compromise. To my Pren, I am so happy for you on your special day, and this is the start of a new chapter for you so if you need some back up just let me know. I am one PM away remember?

Sooo this post is too long and I need to get back in bed because I am still curing the first stages of the flu. I need to drink a lot more because I am feeling dehydrated so wish me luck.

Much Love!

xx Alice
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