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Monday, July 4, 2016

My VIP Movie Experience Watching Now You See Me 2 at Vista Mall Sta. Rosa

This is the second part when I went to Sta. Rosa Laguna...AND unfortunately on this part my camera started acting up, thus I don't have my own pictures. I will be crediting those I got these pictures from.

Annnnnnnnd I am back with another experience post! (It sounds so sexual please forgive me.)

After touring Valenza, me and my blogger friends went to Vista Mall Sta. Rosa to watch a movie. It was the sequel of Now You See Me.

We got to watch it on their VIP cinema where there were some fancy lazy boy chairs that can make you lay down and enjoy the movie without feeling too cramped.

Posted by Chris Moore on Facebook
I really like Vista Mall's cinema because it looks like you are going into a space ship. The hall way going into the cinema is really spacious so maybe even if there were tons of people watching a blockbuster movie there wouldn't be the usual nudging while walking unlike when I go to other malls.

Vista Mall Sta. Rosa is just about 10 minutes away from Valenza so if you are a movie buff that lives in Valenza you are in luck my friend.

From Ilonngotechblogger

Okay now let's focus on the cinema. As I have mentioned, Their VIP cinema is definitely the best one I have been into for the longest time. The theater at Vista Mall has a Dolby Atmos sound system which means that the sound is much better even if you are in the middle of the cinema or at the farthest part of the room.

Okay now let's go with the movie review shall we?

Basically if you have watched Now You See Me (WATCH THE FIRST MOVIE ) this movie has fast forwarded to a year after the horsemen did their final performance. Unfortunately, Henley was replaced by Lula in the sequel which was too bad because I loved Isla Fisher's character in the first movie but felt like she just shined near the end of the first movie. AMIRIGHT??

I won't reveal too much for you guys and girls about the plot because I want you guys to see it for yourself.

One thing though I will spoil for you guys is the card flipping scene. It is probably the second best sequence in a movie I was so interested besides from the first sequence of Deadpool obviously. That scene was so intense that you would really have to keep your eye sharp to see how they did some of those tricks in the movie.

As a kid who had watched a lot of magic shows and illusionists up close that I actually know how some tricks work, you might say that I don't believe in magic but strangely enough I still believe in magic up until this day.

This movie does tap not just the western way of doing magic but also on the oriental flare of magic since they added new characters like Jay Chou and the setting of Macau, China.

I like the dynamics of the movie because it evolved a lot in terms of getting all the characters in the movie to shine unlike in the first one which only showcased Dylan's obsession towards the horsemen.

One thing though I didn't like what Daniel Radcliffe became in the movie. He actually looked like a man who had too much energy that it made crazy. But it did make him a character that you would have a love hate relationship with.

Overall I would definitely recommend this movie to be part of your marathon list if you want to have an action packed movie with a little dose of magic. The movie is amazing with the effects and also the acting. It has definitely improved so make sure to check out Now You See Me 2.

And if you are in Sta Rosa Laguna make sure to watch it at Vista Mall Sta. Rosa.

Do you love movies? Have you seen this movie? What do you think about it? Make sure to leave a comment below I would love to read your thoughts about this movie.

And Thank you sooo much to Vista Mall Sta Rosa for the experience. It is definitely a great movie experience.

Much Love!

xx Alice


Dimple Santiago said... [Reply]

Wow! thanks for sharing your experience. Have you tried the cinemas in Solenad Nuvali?

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