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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Friday Hang Out with Comedy Cartel Open Mic!

For most people, Fridays are reserved to kicking back and relaxing because its been a hard week - even for me! 

And usually if you ask me what I will be doing on a Friday night, I might say usually its a Korean drama binge with a facial mask on (oo na! napaka boring ko! wag na magwala) but sometimes I put some twist to it by going out with friends and I can recommend why not hang out with Comedy Cartel if you prefer just a laid back time and a few laughs on the side. 

Comedy Cartel is a group of people that practice stand up comedy in the Philippines. And they are the first of its kind in the country. If you want to watch legit stand up comedy I will recommend you to check out Comedy Cartel. 

I was able to hang out with them about a week ago in BGC since they had an open mic night. It was a good experience because I was stressing out that week so hanging out with them and hearing them with their jokes is such a relief.

And compared to the comedy bar stint, with Comedy Cartel they have a set of comedians that you can't help but relate with their jokes say I AM THAT PERSON! and just laugh if off.

I was able to see also new faces from their line up because usually I would watch Tim Tayag, Mike Unson, Che Defensor and Chip Balbuena. I am really sorry though because I forgot your names! If ever we see each other again I promise I will remember your names not just your faces.

And if you want to check them out make sure to follow them on Comedy Cartel's Social Networking sites like Facebook and Instagram so you will know if they have an open mic and join us! 

And I deeply apologize as well with my pictures in this post. My camera decided it doesn't want to give me good shots that night. But I definitely enjoyed a change of plans on that Friday night. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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