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Monday, June 13, 2016

StyleCon Asia 2016 Manila Stop Over

Hey lovelies! I am still on cloud nine regarding StyleCon Asia! 

If you were not part of the festivities I'll give you a low down on what happened okay? 

First off was style chats in which it was a panel discussion with some of influencers which includes Lindy a.k.a BubzBeauty!

There was also a talk regarding the love hate relationship we have in social media. Don't deny it. There are days you love Social Media but there are days we just want to shut down our devices and forget it exists.

One of the questions I asked was what was the best and worst comment they got on their channels and I really feel with what Teena A.K.A. Angkikayko said that there were a lot of people who commented bad in regards of her weight but she just shrugged them. I was also able to see my friend Tine of RealAsianBeauty and felt so proud of her accomplishment because I know she had been through so much bad talking because of her acne problem, but now she looks so great with her skin. 

I really like this part of the event because we can ask question, and if you were there, you would certainly know that I was one that ask most of the questions. I am nosy I know, but its part of being a blogger so #donthateme lol. 

Then we had lunch, but unfortunately I was one of the few that had Jollibee but it was okay because there was definitely a lot of girls that attended so its just part of life, and its Jollibee so its definitely delicious. 

The second part of the event was stylestudio which where we can know on how to look great. Kryz Uy hosted this part of the event while Lourd Ramos was there to talk about hair styles we can do, and what itched me is to ask how I can style my short hair since as you girls know gandara ng hair ni ateng since nagpakalbo ako.

Then all of a sudden Kryz remembered me from the Kojie San Event. And I was shocked that she was there as well! And yes I was a total fan girl at that moment. 

There was a small break before we proceeded with the next one which is about getting our brows done with Benefit Cosmetics and also how to dress according to our shape with Zalora.

 In this part some of the girls were given makeovers with their brows and I do see the Benefit is definitely a brand I might go to when I need to get my brow stuff in the future.

The last part of the program was the selfies and goodbyes which I had a chance to talk and vlog with Bubz! I have yet to upload that since its a reaaaaly long vlog. But you will like it for sure.

I loved the most about the event is meeting new friends and knowing more about how I can engage my viewers and be a more effective influencer for you girls. 

I have been a blogger and youtuber for a long time and I won't be here if it were not for you girls and ILOVEYOUSOOOOOOOMUCH! 

Were you there? Let me know your experience on the comments section! 

Much Love!

xx Alice


Mariza said... [Reply]

I enjoyed reading this post!
It's just a shame I wasn't aware that we're having stylecon asia :( I could have been there with you huhu :p

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