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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Photoescape Review: Jordan's Beauty Secrets From the Dead Sea Tea Tree Oil Face Mask

During the weeks that I was suffering from the Flu, I have let go of my skin care routine. It was like F*ck it world I am sick and I do not care what happens to my skin, All I want is my blanket and warm tea so let me be!

I know it sounds really bad but come on, Sometimes we forget to take care of our skin. And currently I am feeling much better that the first thing I did was give myself a facial in the comfort of my home because I will be binge watching some Korean Drama, so a good facial mask is probably the way to go. 

And the one I used first is from Beauty Secrets from the Dead Sea. 

I actually got this mask from their launch back in December so I can't give out the specifics about it which I am terribly sorry. I will update this post once I do get some information about the Mud Masks. 

About the Mud Mask

According to Beauty Secrets, this mud mask is a treated mud that came from the Dead Sea. And if you can see in the picture, It does look like real mud and it feels like one. 

This Mud Mask has been treated with Tea Tree Oil so expect that it will have a strong tea tree oil scent to it which will eventually fade away when it is in your face. 

This Mud Mask can reduce oiliness of the face and also would keep the nasty break outs away. I actually don't know what it would do exactly on the face because it would depend on the user's needs but since this has tea tree oil - that is some of the things you will get with anything that has tea tree oil. 

Apply this mask once or twice a week all over the face avoiding the eye area. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with water. 

The instructions are fairly easy to understand, but since I am quite stubborn I actually let this sit over night and instead of washing it off with water, I usually scrub the mask off in a circular motion so it will act as an exfoliating agent to the skin. I will not recommend letting this sit over night if you have sensitive skin. 

The mask will look like this after applying it. It has a green tint but when it dries out it will just be brown like normal mud. 

The Removal Process

Removing the Mud Mask is fairly easy, But if you want to do what the instructions give out you can. I just prefer using this to exfoliate the dead skin off my face sometimes. 

After removing the mask, My skin tends to get red so usually what I do is tap my face with some warm water to calm it down. It doesn't have that itchy after feel like most mud mask does so I really like this mask. 

And this is what my face looks like after the treatment! I know I still look sick but the mud mask have done wonders to my face especially when I needed to lessen the oiliness. 

What I like about this product: 
- It does what it says! 
- did not break me out. 
- reduced oiliness

What I didn't really like about this product:
- The Scent is a little annoying at first, but if you like the scent of Tea Tree Oil it won't be that bothersome.
- There are not a lot of stores that sells this mask which is a bummer.

Overall, I do like this product. If this is available at Watson's or any beauty supply store I would gladly stock up on these and use them quite a lot. 

I would recommend this to girls that would like to try a mask that can reduce oiliness to the face and also gets rid of break outs if you break out a lot. 

Have you tried this product? Let me know on the comments section what your thoughts are about this product. 

Now I do have to go and try to get some sleep because I have finished watching Misaeng: The Incomplete and I have yet to clean up my closet later. Have a great Sunday girls! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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