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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meet the 2016 Yumbassadors!

The country’s number one family fast food chain, Jollibee, has unveiled its newest batch of Yumbassadors—young Filipino achievers who have excelled and continuously trail blaze in their respective fields, serving as role models for today’s Generation Y.

I would say that these roster of young individuals make me re-think my strategy in making a difference in the world because some of them are actually younger than me! 

The world-class roster is composed of talented artists and reel-and-real life couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre; international model Kelsey Merritt; social entrepreneur Rachel de Villa; young inventor Angelo Casimiro; spoken word artist and performer Juan Miguel Severo; model and agricultural entrepreneur Jairus Ferrer; record-breaking runner Mea Gey Niñura; outstanding student and aspiring doctor Christopher Valentin; international race car driver Marlon Stockinger; and world-renowned all-girl group 4th Impact.

Unfortunately James and Nadine were not able to grace the event, but it was okay because you can really feel the impact of the other yumbassadors because they are the proof of how millennials are - Passionate, Driven and determined to go for the best. 

I remember that Millennials are actually called Gen Y but I think its much better to call them #ProudGenYum don't you think? Just like How Jollibee Philippines Head of Marketing and Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer Francis Flores because this year's batch are impressive individuals that are out to change the world. 

“Jollibee puts utmost value on excellence and we always strive to recognize those who manifest it,” he said. “Our Yumbassadors were chosen because of their passion for langhap-sarap ng buhay. They do not settle for mediocrity, and welcome challenges as opportunities to grow and become better people. I am confident that their individual journeys and success stories will inspire many young people.”

I am really touched with Mea Gey Niñura the most because she is running not for the fame but for her education and family. I actually got teary eyed and wanted to hug her because she doesn't know that she has made a big impact in her small way. 

To know more about Jollibee’s new Yumbassadors, check out Jollibee Philippines’ official YouTube channel by typing in “Jollibee Philippines” in the keyword search

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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