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Monday, June 13, 2016

HyC 150 now opens online store and launches Ask a Doctor

Being a beauty and lifestyle blogger (naks!) puts me in a position that most people will say that t I know a lot of things or I might be an expert at it. I do feel really blessed when I get emails asking about beauty related stuff like anti aging and skin care questions, and also where they can buy a certain product I mentioned on my posts but sometimes I feel that it would be best to consult a professional regarding skin concerns so I was really happy to be able to see the launch of HyC 150 online store and also their Ask a Doctor page.  

Monde Selection Gold Award winner Premium HyC 150 recently opened its online store for a more convenient and esy access to its products which also offers free delivery to all its customers nationwide. Customers can go to to purchase HyC 150 products and other Fine Japan products online via Bank Transfer, GCash or PayPal. Delivery to any point in the Philippines is free of charge. 

And with times getting more hectic and our schedules getting busier, it will take a toll not just on our health but also our skin so sometimes taking time to go to the doctor becomes a chore that I also make time to visit my dermatologist in my busier schedule, and thankfully I have seen another option to ask a doctor through HyC 150's Ask a Doctor page on their webpage. 

Ask a Doctor is an online conversation with medical experts who are practicing aesthetic medicine. HyC 150 recognizes the need of consumers for information and they can be confident if they have the right information especially regarding ingredients found in food supplements or its possible side effects. 

Now our questions about aging, skin health and moisturization and other related issues can be answered. All you have to do is visit the website and go to the website's Ask a Doctor page. Fill in the form with your name, email address and your questions. After submitting it, the doctors will receive your questions through email, and will send a reply directly to your email. 

How easy right? I find this option really great because sometimes going through the internet to get the answers sometimes are futile because most pages wouldn't give the specific answers we need or worse it gives out the wrong answers!

You also get answers from experts such as Dr. Ehmely Sevilla-Castillo, founder and medical director of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, and Dr. Rodolfo Apostol, Vice President for Business Affairs of the International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences. 

About HyC 150 

HyC150 , a supplemental drink manufactured by FINE Japan Co. Ltd. Contains anti-aging properties that will not only make you look younger but also make you feel goo and healthy. HyC 150 contains 150 mg of Hyaluron, the body's natural moisturizer that lubricates the joints and tissues for easier and painless movements. Aside from keeping the skin well-hydrated, it also makes the hair strong and silky, and nails healthy. 

This drink also contains 5,250 mg of collagen, the ingredient that holds the body together. As we age our body loses collagen, by drinking HyC150, your body is replenished with the amount of collagen needed to repair body tissues, from structure, and prevent sagging. Think about it, if you don't have enough collagen in your body you will experience having sagging arms which is not a good look if you love sleeveless blouses. 

The third important ingredient is HyC150's 10mg of ubiquinol, the body's natural energy booster. Aside from increasing the body's energy, ubiquinol is an antioxidant that protects the body from environmental toxins, strengthens the immune system, and prevents hair loss. I've actually heard about this ingredient before since my mom took a supplement before that has ubiquinol because she experienced hair loss. 

Aside from these three ingredients that help defy aging, HyC150 also contains vitamin C, Biotin, elastin and pearl coix, making it a powerful drink that must be added to your daily diet. Taking HyC 150 not only makes you beautiful on the outside but also on the inside so its definitely something me and my mom take. 

HyC150 is safe, effective and has more potent ingredients compared to other brands. Take one sachet everyday at 125 pesos per sachet and feel younger each day. 

HyC 150 is also available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and online at Lazada. Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter #HyC150 or Instagram @HyC150 or call 5467297 09177750779 for inquiries

What you girls waiting for you? Make sure to check out HyC 150 and keep that aging at bay both outside and inside! 

Much Love
xx Alice


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