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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bridesmaid Feels

Its Sunday..and I am doing a garage sale. Solely for the reason that I need funds to get a bridesmaid dress. 

I never thought I will do this through selling my precious items to save up for a dress! And I am willing to work hard to save up money for that dress because its for one of my friend's wedding. 

Being a bridesmaid is something most girls would take for granted, but being asked to be one means that you are special to them and they want you to be on their special day. 

I remember the last time I was part of a wedding entourage. I remember I was a replacement bridesmaid back in High school. It was for a family friend's wedding. I remember it so well because the dress they gave me was too tight it made me regret saying yes to it on the last minute. The dress was a canary yellow one shoulder gown. The bust area was made for a girl with an A cup and I have a C cup so think of how my breathing was in that dress. I was glad it was not a strapless dress or my twins would've jumped out of the dress in less than a minute.

My mom was really proud that I have 'stepped up the game' because usually I would be the flower girl at weddings, but since I was too old for that it was like I am stepping up further in the wedding entourage. 

The worst part of that episode wasn't really the dress but my escort. He was this Douche bag cousin of the groom which I despised immensely because he was trying to flirt with me not knowing I was 15 at the time - and the guy was 29 years old! 

Being a bridesmaid that time I didn't really thought of it because I was younger then, but now in my age, I kinda have my thoughts of who I will invite in my wedding someday. 

But I don't think it will happen anytime soon since I am not in a relationship right now. But I am still hopeful. The only thing I do not like though is the thought that at my age almost everyone is expecting me to settle down. 

How can I settle down with a man if I don't have one right?


I am blabbering nonsense again. Its just frustrating that a lot of people are urging me to be in a relationship or worst get married because according to them it might be too late for me when I reach 30.. like REALLY? 

I don't see the point of it. I am fine being a bridesmaid today...I might get married in the future but can anyone please stop pushing that thought yet in my head. 

I have yet to get a job first so let's do that first okay? 

oooookay I think I need to go now because I need to get everything I need to sell out the door and I will be very busy throughout the day so I will just update you later tonight if I did sell something. 

Wish me luck and Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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