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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Power Couple Never Stops are back with MetaBEATS

If you guys watch television a lot you may have known the couple that you see on the picture above. They are actually well known for being the coaches of The Biggest Loser Season 2!  

Coach Jim and Toni Saret actually not just train but teach and help people not just in their weight loss journeys but also in gaining self esteem and a more positive outlook in life. 

And they are back with an educational but also entertaining program which is MetaBEATS. 

Its the first locally produced fitness and wellness nutrition show on Lifestyle channel. It features a very unique program of '4 minute burst' workouts that is targeted for weight loss, muscle toning and physical endurance and also features preparation of the necessary dietary meal plan to achieve optimal results. 

I was very blessed to be part of the bloggers that had a chance to talk to them and know more about it. And its an eye opening experience because the way they introduced the show to us also showcases how passionate they are in promoting a healthy lifestyle with everyone. 

One of the things that I learned is that they are strongly promoting juicing to promote a healthier lifestyle by using local produce because most Filipinos won't try juicing because its a bit expensive to get the ingredients, but by using local produce you can actually do it. 

The great part about the show that they told us is the music that they used for the work out sessions are from independent producers so its very new to the ears and its something that will make you more curious about the work out. 

You can check out MetaBEATS at the Lifestyle Network every Saturdays 8AM and Sundays 8AM with replays on Saturdays 4PM // Sundays 4PM and weekdays Tuesdays 5AM and 7AM, Thursdays 5AM and 7AM. 

Don't forget to follow Coach Toni and Jim on their Social Networking Sites for more updates!

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Much Love! 

xx Alice


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