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Monday, May 9, 2016

Standing for Women's Issues and Rights with Melchora Party List

This election has the most number of candidates - especially for the party list category! I am no political analyst, but its really best to get to know each party list as much as you can.

And maybe you are reading this before you are going to the voting precinct so here is one party list I will let you know about.

Melchora Party List is a party list that pursues movement for change and reform for women. It seeks to promote and protect the rights of women, children, and provide opportunities to those that needed it.

The launch that we attended had a lot of guests that spoke about the candidate. There were testimonials from different sectors of our society and the last one that gave her testimonial was Ms. Grace Ibuna's eldest daughter Garrie Concepcion who also sang a song to the crowd to show how much of a great influence Melchora's first nominee really is to her..

There was also a question and answer portion that was open to all attendees and Ms. Grace Ibuna and Ms. Aida Estebillo answered all no matter how shallow or hard the questions were. I really liked how Ms. Grace handled all the questions that was given to her especially about her personal life with her kids and also all the issues prior to being with Melchora Party list.

I won't say much anymore but for the last time I will ask you to give Melchora Party list a shot by shading the number 26 on the party list section of your ballot.

and No I am not being paid to say this - I have a feeling that if they get elected as the party list of choice by the majority there will be a change in how everyone treats women and also more women will be empowered with the help of Melchora Party List.

See you at the voting precinct!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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