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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Movie Review: DEADPOOL

Why am I not surprised I have not wrote a review about this? 

because I was too busy with work that time.

But with that being said, I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize if this review has been long overdue. Work comes first sometimes, so it is no surprise that I actually forgot writing this so forgive me. 

I actually had a chance to watch it again because my friend lent me her copy of Deadpool (in Blu Ray) which gave me goosebumps because the first time I saw it felt like I was actually seeing the REAL Deadpool but it was the second time around.

And I would just like to admit that I LOVE Deadpool. 

From the moment one of my closest friends introduced me in comic book reading I immediately just reached out and read a copy of Deadpool. I will be totally biased in saying this but Deadpool is the best hero ever! 

And if ever Deadpool becomes real I know you will deny that fact that you are a hero because you think you are not. He freakin' broke the 4th wall! Even in the movie! It was really awesome!

So without further ado I will tell you what I think about it now. 

I won't do the whole synopsis because you can google that. There are some parts that I was really shocked to see (again) 

1. The little Easter eggs of showcasing Ryan Reynolds and the previous comic book characters he played in the credits. 

Holy shiznitzel this was like a jaw drop for me when I started watching it again. I actually didn't noticed that! but it was really funny because he also made fun of the Green Lantern and the other characters he played before. 

2. The little remarks Deadpool made on how the whole movie got to life - and how he needs to like some balls at it. 

You know how Deadpool breaks the 4th wall? When he first did that it was like hearing sweet music in my ears because I didn't have to imagine how his voice would sound like! 

3. The bloody epic fight scenes. 

If you have seen the red band trailer, you would know what I am talking about. It was bloody, it was up close and it was phenomenal. And yes I am amused in seeing fake blood on screen so don't judge.

4. All the dick jokes 

If you are a REAL Deadpool fan, you would know what I am talking about. hehe.


5. How Ryan Reynolds was able to bring justice to Deadpool with full bravado. 

If I can give an award to Ryan Reynolds for this I would, because I actually never thought he can live up to how twisted Deadpool mind works. And whoever gave you the inspiration to be this cynical please give that person a hug for me because I will really appreciate it or maybe a slap in the face if they don't like hugs. 

I have a weird sense of humor - similar to Deadpool actually so I was so excited when this film came out. I was like a kid waiting to open their Christmas gift or waiting to get inside their favorite candy store! 

The CGI effects were AWESOME. You can't really imagine how it will all go down on paper and the film really made it look as if I was flipping the comic books in my head. 

The thing though that I didn't like is they only showed two X-Men characters which were Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead which I heard that it was because of licensing that the film was not able to show other characters. But it would have been nice to see Professor X there right? Or I'm just the only one?

And lastly, the film was AWESOME! If you are the type that likes to break the 4th wall, you really need to check out Deadpool, not just the movie but the whole comic series! 

I am hoping for a sequel, but Deadpool already gave us the clue that it won't happen anytime soon...or maybe it will? Maybe. We'll never really know.

Are you a Deadpool fan like me? What did you think about the movie? 

Let me know on the comments section and let our geek shine through! and don't be afraid to say 


Much Love!

xx Alice 


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