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Sunday, May 22, 2016

LIFE! Updates of a sort...

Hey! Thank you so much for dropping by this little space of the internet. I would greatly appreciate you dropping by and checking out some of the other articles because surely this one will bore you to bits..maybe.

So hey! I haven't been updating this blog because mainly...I have been terribly busy. And by busy I mean the I-really-did-not-have-the-time-and-energy-to-even-open-my-laptop sorts.

So let me just give you a run down of things I was up to for the past...month or so.

By the second week of April, I was working in an office full of materials for a political campaign. You might say I am the logistics person in that office, but I actually didn't feel I was.

Two weeks after that I got transferred to a new spot - Yey! I am actually on the field more. I took photos and also gave some materials out. Unfortunately I was not able to get a copy because I didn't really think you guys would like it.

Then after that I have also been a poll watcher at the National Board of Canvassers at PICC (The vlog will be uploaded once I have settled back to my usual self) and to be honest I was overwhelmed with it!

Being able  see how the votes from different parts of the country and also the world was just being counted there was so much educational and also the terms that they used.

I also met new friends that I was at awe in their work. Most of them are lawyers so if you can imagine how stoked I was in learning about the law from them was unimaginable.

It felt to a point that I was like a new kid at school as well. At first I was just looking around and asking what was happening but then after a few days I actually got close to them and learned so many things!

And if ever they read this I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU! It is really my first time being there and it was so over whelming that you guys kept patting my back when the party I am representing didn't win because you hoped that you will still see me in Congress.

Maybe someday I will be there working with you guys, but maybe not now.

I don't want to bore you any longer with this post so I will just tell you the things that will be happening SOON on this blog..also with my other blog and my youtube channel.

1. Currently I am FINALLY having the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try coding again. I want to be able to maintain my blog as much as I can so I am trying to learn the basics again.

2. There will be more product reviews up on this blog and also on the other platforms I am in. I will try my best to keep them up to date so please bear with me.

3. Daily blog updates! My goodness I have not been able to blog daily for the past year that I want to make it up and just blog daily. At least one or two a day is enough...right? Let me know.

4. Try to at least update you guys on my hair situation. Its going to be a year since I had it shaved..can you guys and girls believe it?? me too! I will do a complete rundown on my hair story on this blog soon.

5. I will try to upload more video content too. I miss filming videos for you guys.

And finally I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for the endless support and love that you guys show me everyday. You may not comment a lot on my posts but I appreciate you guys reading it. I remember there were a couple of readers that saw me at PICC last week and I was totally caught off guard because I looked my usual no-make up self and just hugged me.

I really appreciate that.

So now I will go to sleep now since my body is finally giving me the signal to hit the sheet and maybe the snooze button later.

Love you guys!

Much Love!

xx Alice


Traveliztera said... [Reply]

Wow Alice! We're both back to blogging! I'd love to hear your updates about your hair journey and see your vlog about the tally ! :)

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