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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy One Year Anniversary!

And its already a year! 

Oh my goodness...its been a year. ITS.BEEN.A.YEAR.

I can't help but remember how a year passed by so fast that I got my hair shaved. I started reminiscing about how losing my hair also changed my life. 

Okay so let's go back to when it all happened - May 31, 2015. It was a rainy evening that I decided to attend Kojie San's over at Valkyrie even though I received the news that my uncle passed. 

I still attended because I made a commitment, and whatever happens I will do what I promised. So I got to the venue and a few minutes after I arrived the MC asked who is the bravest woman in the crowd. And as my usual self, I just shouted  Meeeeee in the distance. 

And then he asked who is willing to shave their hair for about 10k. One girl went in front and just when the shaver would go through she backed out. Then the bar was raised to 15k. I grabbed the chance and went to stage and got my hair shaved. 

It all happened so fast that the aftershock came in the day after I got it shaved. It wasn't a bad decision though since I was able to help my cousins with some expenses during my uncle's wake. 

Now let's go through the growing out phases shall we?

This is about a month into growing out my hair. 

And I remember this was just a few weeks after I got it shaved so I was at awe on how fast my hair grows. I actually attended some events while my hair is growing out and I got a few stares from people and even asked me if I was a cancer patient that went cancer-free. 

I actually didn't know how to respond at that time. But I just took it lightly and told them the whole story. 

This was two or three months into the growing phase. I am starting to have the spiky hair stage. 

I actually looked like a butch more according to some rude people. I don't want to sound too defensive to them but how can people be so judgement of one's looks?! 

I think at this part of growing out my hair, I've also started to accept that people are judgmental no matter what you look. Beauty is very subjective that it might be painful for others to accept. 

Take it as a compliment that they noticed you despite of other people around you.

I'm starting to have more volume in my hair! yey! This is around the 5th month of the growing out. I remember I was out of town more often because of work so I wasn't really doing much to slow the process. 

These were back in January. My hair is more manageable at this point that I can just do the wash and go move. 

I remembered that during this whole time I can seriously count with my fingers how many times I have used a comb. It was like 5 times since my hair started growing out. 

This was also the moment where I had that awkward phase on not knowing how to style my hair. It was quite bothersome to even think about it so sometimes I just let my hair be itself for the day. 

I know - WHY?!

There are days that I would just tie my hair like this (see picture above) or sometimes let it down (see picture below) And it would just okay. 

Currently my hair is becoming more and more voluminous. And I can style it more that the usual! I have also learned to just work it with my hair than making a huge fuss all about it. If my hair is a mess let it be! Its just hair right?

So its been a year..and I will continue writing about my hair journey! 

Currently I have started using Sunsilk Strong and Long shampoo along with the hair tonic my mama gave me to use. I do see some changes but maybe I'll do the update next time okay? 

If you ask me for advise here is the best one I can give you - Don't be afraid to rock that look! It may not be the one you wanted but you can work your way in making it your statement look.

 Be confident in any hair style you are having and people will see the beauty of it. Trust me, I went to long wavy tresses to na-da in a snap yet it didn't made me feel any less of a woman. Don't let a bad hair cut bring you down okay?

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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