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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gloomy days bring out the worst in me.

I have actually given myself an ultimatum that what ever happens I need to update you guys. It maybe just a random update on how my life is, or maybe a review or maybe a feature. This gives me the sanity to live life I guess.

But these days the weather is getting on to me. Like who would like to smile when its such a sullen day? I try to do it every time but my brain is telling me I am such a nut job.

Currently I am getting back to the old routine of stuff. Filming when there is an opportunity and also checking on things I need to do. Its weird because its like they are all new to me again.

I think that is what happening to me, just like the weather I am starting to change. I am actually updating my resume so I can apply for a corporate job again. Can you believe that? Its been about two years since I went in an office and did work inside a cubicle - It's crazy!

I actually like just blogging everyday or filming every day, but this doesn't really bring enough cash to feed me, my mom, and my 20 cats (yes! I have 20 cats) and I got some advise that if I want to start on my own I need to get some information from the corporate world first.

I want to be more than just any other blogger in the business. I want to make a change and maybe going corporate is the way to go.

So possibly in the coming days, I will make myself busy and apply for a job.

I won't stop writing that's for sure. Because writing in this small space in the blogosphere is my only portal to speak with my little voice.

I need your advise! Let me know how I can prepare myself because I am nervous AF about this.

Much Love!

xx Alice


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