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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy One Year Anniversary!

And its already a year! 

Oh my goodness...its been a year. ITS.BEEN.A.YEAR.

I can't help but remember how a year passed by so fast that I got my hair shaved. I started reminiscing about how losing my hair also changed my life. 

Okay so let's go back to when it all happened - May 31, 2015. It was a rainy evening that I decided to attend Kojie San's over at Valkyrie even though I received the news that my uncle passed. 

I still attended because I made a commitment, and whatever happens I will do what I promised. So I got to the venue and a few minutes after I arrived the MC asked who is the bravest woman in the crowd. And as my usual self, I just shouted  Meeeeee in the distance. 

And then he asked who is willing to shave their hair for about 10k. One girl went in front and just when the shaver would go through she backed out. Then the bar was raised to 15k. I grabbed the chance and went to stage and got my hair shaved. 

It all happened so fast that the aftershock came in the day after I got it shaved. It wasn't a bad decision though since I was able to help my cousins with some expenses during my uncle's wake. 

Now let's go through the growing out phases shall we?

This is about a month into growing out my hair. 

And I remember this was just a few weeks after I got it shaved so I was at awe on how fast my hair grows. I actually attended some events while my hair is growing out and I got a few stares from people and even asked me if I was a cancer patient that went cancer-free. 

I actually didn't know how to respond at that time. But I just took it lightly and told them the whole story. 

This was two or three months into the growing phase. I am starting to have the spiky hair stage. 

I actually looked like a butch more according to some rude people. I don't want to sound too defensive to them but how can people be so judgement of one's looks?! 

I think at this part of growing out my hair, I've also started to accept that people are judgmental no matter what you look. Beauty is very subjective that it might be painful for others to accept. 

Take it as a compliment that they noticed you despite of other people around you.

I'm starting to have more volume in my hair! yey! This is around the 5th month of the growing out. I remember I was out of town more often because of work so I wasn't really doing much to slow the process. 

These were back in January. My hair is more manageable at this point that I can just do the wash and go move. 

I remembered that during this whole time I can seriously count with my fingers how many times I have used a comb. It was like 5 times since my hair started growing out. 

This was also the moment where I had that awkward phase on not knowing how to style my hair. It was quite bothersome to even think about it so sometimes I just let my hair be itself for the day. 

I know - WHY?!

There are days that I would just tie my hair like this (see picture above) or sometimes let it down (see picture below) And it would just okay. 

Currently my hair is becoming more and more voluminous. And I can style it more that the usual! I have also learned to just work it with my hair than making a huge fuss all about it. If my hair is a mess let it be! Its just hair right?

So its been a year..and I will continue writing about my hair journey! 

Currently I have started using Sunsilk Strong and Long shampoo along with the hair tonic my mama gave me to use. I do see some changes but maybe I'll do the update next time okay? 

If you ask me for advise here is the best one I can give you - Don't be afraid to rock that look! It may not be the one you wanted but you can work your way in making it your statement look.

 Be confident in any hair style you are having and people will see the beauty of it. Trust me, I went to long wavy tresses to na-da in a snap yet it didn't made me feel any less of a woman. Don't let a bad hair cut bring you down okay?

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gloomy days bring out the worst in me.

I have actually given myself an ultimatum that what ever happens I need to update you guys. It maybe just a random update on how my life is, or maybe a review or maybe a feature. This gives me the sanity to live life I guess.

But these days the weather is getting on to me. Like who would like to smile when its such a sullen day? I try to do it every time but my brain is telling me I am such a nut job.

Currently I am getting back to the old routine of stuff. Filming when there is an opportunity and also checking on things I need to do. Its weird because its like they are all new to me again.

I think that is what happening to me, just like the weather I am starting to change. I am actually updating my resume so I can apply for a corporate job again. Can you believe that? Its been about two years since I went in an office and did work inside a cubicle - It's crazy!

I actually like just blogging everyday or filming every day, but this doesn't really bring enough cash to feed me, my mom, and my 20 cats (yes! I have 20 cats) and I got some advise that if I want to start on my own I need to get some information from the corporate world first.

I want to be more than just any other blogger in the business. I want to make a change and maybe going corporate is the way to go.

So possibly in the coming days, I will make myself busy and apply for a job.

I won't stop writing that's for sure. Because writing in this small space in the blogosphere is my only portal to speak with my little voice.

I need your advise! Let me know how I can prepare myself because I am nervous AF about this.

Much Love!

xx Alice

Movie Review: DEADPOOL

Why am I not surprised I have not wrote a review about this? 

because I was too busy with work that time.

But with that being said, I would just like to take this opportunity to apologize if this review has been long overdue. Work comes first sometimes, so it is no surprise that I actually forgot writing this so forgive me. 

The Power Couple Never Stops are back with MetaBEATS

If you guys watch television a lot you may have known the couple that you see on the picture above. They are actually well known for being the coaches of The Biggest Loser Season 2!  


Its such a sad, gloomy day - for me that is. 

Remember when I told you guys that I will be uploading a new vlog regarding what I have been doing for the past 3 months? Well that's what made me sad. 

For some twisted reason my memory card starting having an error which led to me reformatting it. 

I had 3 months worth of video blogs in there! and I can just imagine banging my head against the wall because I didn't transfer them. 

Such. A. Dumb. Alice.

I can't help but feel so stressed about it. In addition to that, there were also pictures related to my work that I wasn't able to transfer to my laptop. 

So now I am back to square one...maybe. 

I will start filming tonight since I need to get this negative vibes away from me. Filming does make me happy so I might do that. 

So I would like to say sorry in behalf of those that are waiting for that vlog to be uploaded. I will do another video blog about it. I will just do a run down of it. 

Ugh...I can't help but just be annoyed at my own stupidity. 

So let this be a lesson not just to me, but also to everyone else. Make sure to save your files from your camera to your computer as soon as you can. 

Well that's it for today. I hope you guys understand why I feel a bit down today. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Sunday, May 22, 2016

LIFE! Updates of a sort...

Hey! Thank you so much for dropping by this little space of the internet. I would greatly appreciate you dropping by and checking out some of the other articles because surely this one will bore you to bits..maybe.

So hey! I haven't been updating this blog because mainly...I have been terribly busy. And by busy I mean the I-really-did-not-have-the-time-and-energy-to-even-open-my-laptop sorts.

So let me just give you a run down of things I was up to for the past...month or so.

By the second week of April, I was working in an office full of materials for a political campaign. You might say I am the logistics person in that office, but I actually didn't feel I was.

Two weeks after that I got transferred to a new spot - Yey! I am actually on the field more. I took photos and also gave some materials out. Unfortunately I was not able to get a copy because I didn't really think you guys would like it.

Then after that I have also been a poll watcher at the National Board of Canvassers at PICC (The vlog will be uploaded once I have settled back to my usual self) and to be honest I was overwhelmed with it!

Being able  see how the votes from different parts of the country and also the world was just being counted there was so much educational and also the terms that they used.

I also met new friends that I was at awe in their work. Most of them are lawyers so if you can imagine how stoked I was in learning about the law from them was unimaginable.

It felt to a point that I was like a new kid at school as well. At first I was just looking around and asking what was happening but then after a few days I actually got close to them and learned so many things!

And if ever they read this I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU! It is really my first time being there and it was so over whelming that you guys kept patting my back when the party I am representing didn't win because you hoped that you will still see me in Congress.

Maybe someday I will be there working with you guys, but maybe not now.

I don't want to bore you any longer with this post so I will just tell you the things that will be happening SOON on this blog..also with my other blog and my youtube channel.

1. Currently I am FINALLY having the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try coding again. I want to be able to maintain my blog as much as I can so I am trying to learn the basics again.

2. There will be more product reviews up on this blog and also on the other platforms I am in. I will try my best to keep them up to date so please bear with me.

3. Daily blog updates! My goodness I have not been able to blog daily for the past year that I want to make it up and just blog daily. At least one or two a day is enough...right? Let me know.

4. Try to at least update you guys on my hair situation. Its going to be a year since I had it shaved..can you guys and girls believe it?? me too! I will do a complete rundown on my hair story on this blog soon.

5. I will try to upload more video content too. I miss filming videos for you guys.

And finally I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for the endless support and love that you guys show me everyday. You may not comment a lot on my posts but I appreciate you guys reading it. I remember there were a couple of readers that saw me at PICC last week and I was totally caught off guard because I looked my usual no-make up self and just hugged me.

I really appreciate that.

So now I will go to sleep now since my body is finally giving me the signal to hit the sheet and maybe the snooze button later.

Love you guys!

Much Love!

xx Alice

Monday, May 9, 2016

Standing for Women's Issues and Rights with Melchora Party List

This election has the most number of candidates - especially for the party list category! I am no political analyst, but its really best to get to know each party list as much as you can.

And maybe you are reading this before you are going to the voting precinct so here is one party list I will let you know about.

Melchora Party List is a party list that pursues movement for change and reform for women. It seeks to promote and protect the rights of women, children, and provide opportunities to those that needed it.

The launch that we attended had a lot of guests that spoke about the candidate. There were testimonials from different sectors of our society and the last one that gave her testimonial was Ms. Grace Ibuna's eldest daughter Garrie Concepcion who also sang a song to the crowd to show how much of a great influence Melchora's first nominee really is to her..

There was also a question and answer portion that was open to all attendees and Ms. Grace Ibuna and Ms. Aida Estebillo answered all no matter how shallow or hard the questions were. I really liked how Ms. Grace handled all the questions that was given to her especially about her personal life with her kids and also all the issues prior to being with Melchora Party list.

I won't say much anymore but for the last time I will ask you to give Melchora Party list a shot by shading the number 26 on the party list section of your ballot.

and No I am not being paid to say this - I have a feeling that if they get elected as the party list of choice by the majority there will be a change in how everyone treats women and also more women will be empowered with the help of Melchora Party List.

See you at the voting precinct!

Much Love!

xx Alice
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