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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

M.I.A Much?

Hey guys! I am back! Sorry I have been M.I.A. or Missing in Action a lot that I am supposed to be.

Its just I have been busy. busier than ever. Because besides from attending events and also filming new material on my main channel I have also been busy doing some work that involved me traveling and taking LOTS of pictures and videos.

But I can't share them with you since it will be posted exclusively on a facebook page. I can show you the behind the scenes. 

If you can see I mostly do interviews. Its really hard interviewing people at times because some of them would outright be rude to you. 

I had one experience where the respondent already said yes but excused himself to get a shirt but when he came out he suddenly shouted at me saying 'DI NAMAN AKO PUMAYAG TALAGA'

This is why sometimes I question some people and their upbringing. Because in my family, me and my brothers were raised to be nice to everyone even if they are rude to us because its better to be nice than to be rude.

Isn't it really hard to be nice nowadays!?

Okay. Now I'm ranting. Please forgive me. But honestly, is it really THAT bad?

One of the nicest things happen to me the other day, there was a woman who was looking for a respondent for a survey, but since most of the people in our neighborhood were snob (YES! Some of them are) I approached the woman and asked if I can help her, she was so thankful because she just needed one respondent so she can report back to their office.

I answered her survey and at the end of it I didn't expected anything because I was merely helping out. At the end of the survey the woman gave me a GC worth 3,000 pesos from SM because I was the only one that approached her for the survey.

Good things do come to those that do nice things right? And To be honest, I actually needed money that day to buy groceries but thankfully I saved a lot because of the GC she gave me.

So obviously I am just letting you guys know that I am terribly sorry in not being able to post a lot. I promise I will post a lot this March even though I am busier than ever.

I will try my best to update you guys at least once a week since I know most of you guys miss me. And I miss you too! Make sure to comment below so we can chat or make sure to follow me on my social networking sites ok? I am mostly on Instagram and Facebook so don't hesitate to message me ok?

Much Love!

xx Alice


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