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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bacer Wellness Spa: A Cozy Massage Experience

A well deserved massage is something most of us want after a week's worth of work. And with the impending Holy Week in the horizon - Most of us are stressed more than even with our deadlines and also double work load to finish so that we can go home this coming week to our families and reflect on the things we need to do most. But before we do that its best to treat ourselves to a massage right?

Last Sunday, I was invited and some of my blogger friends to one at Bacer Wellness Spa. Located at Kamias Road in Quezon City, its actually a couple of minutes away from my house which was a huge plus. 

But why Bacer?

 According to its owners, the word came from the word Baler which means Home but they changed one letter to C to symbolize the word Cozy because they want the experience for their customer as cozy as possible. 

They offer different body massage styles that our body will love to help the tense muscles and possible injuries we have come up within the week. 


I actually tried the combination massage which was really relaxing. The attendant that was assigned to me was really helpful as well because she was able to pin point pressure points in my body that had a lot of tension that needed some well deserve love. 

Their signature massage which is the Bacer Duo Massage is a one of its kind massage that will give you a dual massage experience since there will be two therapist that will cater to your body. 

And if you are conscious of the therapist, you can choose to either have a male or female attendant to help you with your massage. All their therapists are also certified with trainings not just from the Philippines but also abroad. 

Their facility is really cozy and has a very calming vibe to it so just by being there you will feel relaxed already. 

They just opened about a month ago so their business is still young but their services are really top of its game so I will really recommend it to you guys. 

Bacer Wellness Spa is located at the 2nd Floor of 100k Tower, 100 Kamias Road, Quezon City. 

Make sure to also visit their Facebook page for more info on their promos! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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