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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fisher Department Store Launches Moroccan Summer Collection

The Philippines only has 2 seasons - Monsoon and Summer season. And since the weather is getting hotter so does the fashion trends. 

With Rich purples, fiery reds, hot pink, lime, orange and warm yellows with some soft brown and creamy neutrals a lot of fashionistas are feeling more adventurous than ever this summer. 

As Fisher Department store launches their summer collection lines you can see a strong Moroccan influence into it. Moroccan style is highly influence a lot of the collection with its bold sophisticated and exquisite style similar to the elaborate mosaic patterns seen throughout. 

And also with the bohemian/festival trend being popular, its fairly easy to get key pieces you will like at Fisher Department Store. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bacer Wellness Spa: A Cozy Massage Experience

A well deserved massage is something most of us want after a week's worth of work. And with the impending Holy Week in the horizon - Most of us are stressed more than even with our deadlines and also double work load to finish so that we can go home this coming week to our families and reflect on the things we need to do most. But before we do that its best to treat ourselves to a massage right?

Last Sunday, I was invited and some of my blogger friends to one at Bacer Wellness Spa. Located at Kamias Road in Quezon City, its actually a couple of minutes away from my house which was a huge plus. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

When Everything Seems to Slow Down Then it Starts to Whip you up

You know when life is turning slower as time passes but then it suddenly whips you to reality? Yeah that's how I feel right now. 

I have been very busy lately. Partly because I am taking care of our household and also trying to re-vamp my blog, youtube channels and everything else. It all seems to be okay at the moment but then suddenly a door - or shall we say doors suddenly open up before me and I got confused for a second. 

A lot of opportunities are opening up for me at the moment, but I can't tell you that yet guys because I want to keep it a secret first as part of a surprise. 

I am so excited because even if I have been terribly busy with life there had been some surprises that came up to me. And I can't wait to share them. 

The first thing though is I have started again is to film! 

I am trying to come up with new filming sets but I have yet to get the materials for my back drop. I have some spare yards of fabric in our storage which saves me some money to buy them. I just hope I have lots of time to go through the heaps of boxes we have in our storage area. 

The second thing I will share to you guys is I will be on the road more. 

Not necessarily I will be out of town, but I will go out more these days. Quite frankly I am not the type that goes out a lot so I might explore the idea of urban exploration with some friends so I can practice my photography and filming skills.  

The third thing will be a secret for now. Because its a big project I am making with some friends of mine. Its quite weird but I have yet to share to you guys this surprise later on. 

But for now please forgive me if I will be late in posting because of this. But I'll try to post more as much as I can so please be a bit more patient. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Roman Romulo: Bringing the Filipino Youth Closer to Getting their College Diploma

"Education shall be the comparative advantage of our youth so that they can have a better future." According to Congressman Roman T. Romulo who is also running for a senatorial seat this elections.
But Who is Cong. Roman T. Romulo?

Go with Natural Beautiful Skin with Vita-E

 2016 is a year for all natural, we get all serious whenever we see another D-I-Y video on YouTube to achieve a more natural makeup, hair- do, or even an OOTD. 

Looking natural is the way to go, achieving this look, makes you look younger and effortlessly beautiful. Gone are the days when you put on so much blush on and foundation to cover up your blemishes, this year's trend is about less is more.

PR: All Clean! with FatOut

Are you all clean? Clean on the inside and the outside? Since we’re kids we’re thought to always have a good hygiene. People always make sure to teach us how to take a bath, brush our teeth, brush our hair, and stay prim and presentable at all times. Hygiene is very important in our health, but what most people forget to teach is, being clean on the inside especially our colon is very important. Worry no more because FatOutcan help with that. 

M.I.A Much?

Hey guys! I am back! Sorry I have been M.I.A. or Missing in Action a lot that I am supposed to be.

Its just I have been busy. busier than ever. Because besides from attending events and also filming new material on my main channel I have also been busy doing some work that involved me traveling and taking LOTS of pictures and videos.

But I can't share them with you since it will be posted exclusively on a facebook page. I can show you the behind the scenes. 
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