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Monday, February 1, 2016

A New Light of Prosperity with Chinese Painting at SM Malls.

For the coming Lunar New Year celebration, SM City North EDSA proudly presents over 100 hand painted lanterns by the notable Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students which will be showcased from January 24 to February 11. 


The first of its activities for the Lunar New Year is showcasing the extensive collection of hand painted lanterns from the Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students at SM City North EDSA The Block Atrium. 

Being a well known decoration during festivities, The Chinese Lantern is a great piece to use to paint for celebrations. The lanterns also symbolize a wish for a brighter future for everyone. 


As part of the opening, we were also given the chance to try in doing the traditional way of painting by some of the students themselves. I remember back in college I took an elective class in calligraphy so its the same but instead of writing I was painting. 

After the painting demo, there were also performances using traditional Chinese musical instruments which were really nice because I grew up around the Chinese/Japanese/Korean culture so the sound is very unique to me. 

Aside from the Chinese Lantern Exhibit that will be held at the Block atrium, there will also be other exciting activities for everyone such as Chinese Musical Performances, Oriental Market, Astrological readings and a dragon dance!

Here are more information about the activities:

Oriental Culture Market
February 2-15 2016, City Center East and West Mall 2nd Floor. 
There will be an array of Chinese products and delicacies specially offered to everyone. 

Astrological Forecast with Marites Allen
February 7 2016,5pm, The Block Atrium
Know what's in store for you this 2016 from the internationally known Feng Shui Master, Marites Allen

Golds of Fortune 
January 24 to February 11, The Block Ground Floor and Annez Ground Floor
Chinese Goodies for the first 100 customers to answer fun trivia questions!

Chinese Arts in Letters Calligraphy Workshop 
February 6, 2pm, The Block Atrium 
Learn the art of Chinese Calligraphy 

Chinese Court and Folk Dances
February 8, 2PM, The Block Atrium 
Traditional Chinese dance to bring good fortune for the year. 

Make sure to head out to SM City North EDSA and experience a wonderful and prosperous Lunar New Year ahead! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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