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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Happy New Year ladies! 

And since we are starting a new year I posted a question on my personal Facebook account about doing a blog same because honestly I have a lot of products that either I get from

1. Freebie from events
2. From companies for product review.
3. gift from friends and family.

And as much as I want to keep them, my closet is small, my budget is depleting and I need to clean up to start the year right! And yes! I will honestly say that I badly need money because my birthday is coming up so help me out here girlfriend and buy some. 

But don't worry majority of the items I am selling are either brand new or 90% of the product is still in it

I will accept payments via my bank account or meet up, so if you are interested please send me an email via If you choose your item to be sent via courier, buyer should also handle the shipping fee too. 

So lets get started!

Victoria Secret Shimmer Lotion in Love Spell (RESERVED)

One of my friends from the US gave me this when she went back here in Manila. I actually like using this, But I have this in a different scent that I love more and also that one is in a spray bottle form.

This is about 95% full.


Careline BB Cream.

I got this from Careline to review for my blog. I also got 2 more shades but I have given those away previously. I still have some BB Creams in my make up bag so I will have to let this go.

This shade is suited for someone that has a pink undertone. And also similar to my skin tone.

There is about 98% product inside because I didn't really use it much after the review.

Price: 50 pesos

Ever Bilena Cake Foundation in 558

This foundation actually was bought by my mom for me but unfortunately this is a bit dark for me. This is the kind of foundation that you have to use a wet sponge to apply it to the skin. This kind of foundation is actually better to use if you are doing a photo shoot because it makes the skin smoother in one layer. 

This is still brand new. 

Price: 100 pesos. 

Hortaleza M.D. Illuminous Facial Soap.

Remember when I covered National Makeover day by HBC? This was part of the freebie from the event.

I initially wanted to give this to my mom to use, But she said she has tons of skin care items already and don't want to add another one.

Price: 50 pesos.

Creme 21.

This was given by my papa's friend when he came back from Dubai last year. I am not really a fan of body butters although this is actually great if you have  dry skin. Its also non greasy.

There is about 99% of product left.

Price: 150 pesos.

Natural Solutions.

This is one purchase my mom made but she regretted it the moment she looked in my vanity. I have about 2 more tubs of body butter that I am trying to finish so she told me to re-sell this instead. 

Brand New.

Price: 150 pesos.

Body Recipe Milk+ Protective Day Cream

This one was actually part of the freebie bag I got as well. And because I have too many skin care products, I'll be letting this go.

Brand New:

Price: 50 php

Supreme Business Solutions BB Cream

Remember when I blogged about Supreme Business Solutions? This was just some of what they gave me. This is actually my spare BB Cream from that company.

Brand New

Price: 100 php

Supreme Business Solution Dead Sea Salt Scrub

This is also my second tub and I think I will stop using sea salt for a while so I'll be letting my spare one go.

Brand New.

Price: 150 php

Ever Bilena 5 Shade Eye Shadow in Blue Happiness

I have a lot of eye shadows in my collection. 'nuff said.

Brand New.

Price: 50 pesos.

Pixy UV Whitening two way cake perfect matte in True Beige.

This is actually not in my shade.

Brand New. But does not have a sponge.

Price: 100 pesos.

Mary Kay Satin Hands peach hand cream (RESERVED)

My mom gave this to me as a gift but again realized that I have a lot in my closet.

99% full.

Price: 100 pesos

Garcinia Cambogia (2 RESERVED)

I have a bunch of these left. And its a food supplement to help you slim down.

Brand New

Price: 200 pesos each

Lip Glosses from Victoria Secret and Bath & Body works

These were given to me by my mama's friend when she came back from the US.

Brand New

Price: 50 pesos each.

St. Ive's Intensive Healing Lotion.

These was an impulse buy and when I got home I remembered I have a full bottle of the same kind.

Brand New.

Price: 50 pesos.

Ever Bilena Studio Finish Foundation in Creme. (reserved)

This is a freebie I got from an event.

Brand New.

Price: 100 pesos

Colour Collection in Hot summer ( 5 times used, 50 pesos)
Mac lipstick in Heroine (used twice, 500 pesos) RESERVED
Revlon Lipstick in Wine Everything (Brand New, 350 pesos)
Avon Matte Lipstick in Merlot Red (used twice, 100 pesos)

Tamara From the sea day and night lotion.

Used twice. 200 pesos for both.

Supreme Business Solution Glutathione lotion with BB Cream,

Brand New.

Price: 150 pesos.

Collagen Soap

Brand New.

Price: 50 pesos each.

You can get in touch with me via my email

And as much as I want to do international shipping, The cost is higher than what you will be paying for so I will just allow within the Philippines only. I hope you guys understand.

Much Love and happy shopping!

xx Alice 


Cie said... [Reply]

Ever bilena studio finish and victoria secret shimmer mine na

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