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Monday, December 21, 2015

REDvolution 2015

HIV AIDS is slowly developing in our country and what better way to spread awareness to our younger generation by bringing them the latest performers on stage. 

That is what happened a couple of weeks back when I attended REDvolution. 
REDvolution is an event to spread awareness about HIV and how we can stop it spreading. 

Different musicians in the industry joined the event and performed starting at 2PM till 4AM - it was an all day and all night party! I actually came halfway so I was not able to see the bands perform but I saw Abra, Loonie, and Ron Henley perform. 

After their set was the EDM part of the party in which the first to perform is Ashley Rivera then Marc Marasigan. 

It was a night filled with excitement and fun. 

And a big thanks to my The Big Difference family for this! It was really a night to remember! 

much Love!

xx Alice 


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