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Friday, December 11, 2015

Personal Post: The time I almost dated my friend's EX


I just want to share this really embarrassing and maybe awkward thing that happened to me. This happened many many months ago and I am sure one of you girls have had this so here goes. 

And also if you are gonna shame me for this - I don't care because my friend knew I didn't go through the date because even though they have broken up a long time ago I would never date my friend's ex 


Okay so lets get started. 

Its been years since I last dated- This is for real because I am really focused on getting my resume rollin' with credits and also I was still moving on from my ex so let's just say that I am not emotionally ready yet, but I am on this dating app as per requested by my friend because what is the harm of it right? 

So as I was scrolling this app I saw this really gorgeous, smart, and someone I really fancy guy and I messaged him. Let's hide him in the name of Mr. J for the duration of this write up. So me and Mr. J started casually chatting about what's up and how are we doing.

 A week of chatting I actually did more research on him through our good friend Google. 

He is a professional that works in Makati, no criminal nor marriage records - and he LOVES cats. Most of our conversations run through about cats so I know he will love mine IF we meet up. 

But then my friend (Lets hide her in the name Chloe) sees me doing my research and blew the bomb on me that she dated the guy a couple of years back. They became a couple for about 1 and 1/2 year but eventually split up because he was too 'career-driven'

I asked her if its okay for me to date him and she did say yes. I still did the casual chats with Mr. J, but I had to come clean that I knew his Ex Chloe. He was actually surprised that I knew Chloe because she is not like me. Chloe is a dog person who loves to party and is mostly a mediocre at her job. 

I was partially angry at him criticizing my friend because Chloe has been my friend for quite a long time and I know she is doing her best at her job. 

He did asked me out on a date but I refused because I didn't like how he told me stuff about my friend as if it didn't mattered to me. 

Chloe is one of my friends who supported me when I quit my job as an online teacher to be a blogger - she also let me borrow some money when I needed it, but never accepts the payment I give her. 

As for Mr. J, we did meet up to have some coffee and just talk. There was not a single spark when we meet up and talk. I think it was just all in my head when we were chatting. He is gorgeous I tell you, but sometimes looks will just fade away if you don't like them more than that. 

I am still talking to Mr. J. But more as friends now. He is in a relationship with an AD agency manager as of what I last knew of. He would probably know that I wrote this because he also reads my blog from time to time, but I think it would be okay for him...right? 

As with Chloe, she is now pregnant with her first child. I have never met the father but have seen him on her IG posts and Facebook posts. He looks really nice and certainly very matinee-ish. 

As for me, I am still single while typing this post. I am in contact with a couple of guys from another dating app. Nothing serious for now though because I do want to experience everything first before I have a boyfriend. But who knows..maybe the guy reading this maybe my next or probably the last. 

If you like this kinds of posts make sure to leave a comment below. Don't be shy..I know you have some questions itching to ask me haha! 

Talk to you next time! 

xx Alice 


Karen Corpuz said... [Reply]

tama yun ... the fact na may mga hindi sya maganda sinabi about your friend chloe baka maging ganun din sya sayo if things didn't work out in the end na naging kayo...

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