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Sunday, December 20, 2015

I am a Girl Who Loves to Read BUT...

I had this conversation/argument with my friend the other night how girls who read are usually the last to be in a relationship. 

By the way my friend is a guy so hate on him all you want. 

I found it annoying because he stated that because girls who read are always looking down so guys won't be able to notice them. And girls who read don't really have good social skills to talk to men because they are entranced with the 'idealistic' image some romance novels portray guys to be.

Clearly my friend is living under the pretense that girls who love to read are like the onces in the movies - NOT! 

I am a girl who loves to read, 

But I am not socially awkward with men. 

I am a girl who loves to read,

But yet I don't believe is the kinds of men that are portrayed in romance novels - Clearly these men do not exist in this world. 

I am a girl who loves to read,

Yet I love to look around once in a while in my surroundings and just savor  the moment. 

I am a girl who loves to read but I am not afraid to be beyond what everyone says I am supposed to be. 

Wow. I think I just made a poem. I don't know, this is probably because I got worked up with our conversation until now. 

But seriously if you have met a girl that loves to read, you would definitely want to hang out with her more than anything in the world. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice  


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