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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting Sick Sucks

I'm currently on recovery mode. 

I got sick despite what other people think that I wasn't sick. I just came home from my doctor's who prescribed me some medicine to at least alleviate the pain in my back and also cure me of this cough that I had since last week. The ridiculous part of it is my doctor told me to not get stressed too often because it might lead me to getting my asthma back - HA! this is the funniest one that she said to me. I tell you it was like telling a child to stay away from chocolates which obviously most kids won't be able to do.

To be honest it TOTALLY SUCKS! 

I hate being sick because it makes me weak. It makes me want to just sleep and sleep and not get any work done. And for the first time in a year, I was able to abstain myself in facing either my phone, laptop or even the television today! I was that down it made me sick just seeing them. 

Thankfully my friend Aiden helped me out by at least transferring some of my files from my net book to my main laptop and at least editing some of my vlogs to be uploaded soon. This is why I love my friends, whenever I call one of them, they easily help me out. 

Thankfully by tomorrow I will be back in shape. I just hope that everything goes well and not turn for the worst. 

Now I have to write at least one article to you guys to let you know that I am still alive - but not kicking. Possibly tomorrow I will be able to function well as a normal human being. But now I will live with some soup and no TV. 

Still coping to live, 

xx Alice


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