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Friday, December 11, 2015

eRAse Blogger's Day Launches new items

As a female, most of us are conscious about how our skin is and when we get scratches or pimples it makes us more self conscious and would try to find a way to get rid of these.

And as a company that distributes top quality and effective beauty and skin care products, Jaoming Marketing, the makers of eRase Plantcenta is making a breakthrough in the market to provide a more modern skin management fit for the Filipina skin. Jaoming Marketing continues to bring the latest in proper skin management in today's modern Filipina that are not just independent, but strong and has a very active lifestyle.

Being in the business since 1991 as UK Derm Pharma that was founded by Mr. Louie Gamboa, they first specialized in making astringents and papaya soaps that are very in demand up unto this day. But in 2006 Jaoming Marketing group was incorporated to distribute new products from UK Derm nationwide, same time as eRAse Solution and eRAse Plantcenta was launched. As it continues to soar, the next year JMC launches jiao ming glutathione soap with Ms. Iwa Moto as its celebrity endorser. Then in 2008 they launched eRAse concert series which featured local acts such as Hale and Callalily and also the company starts selling their products at Watson's. And as the year progressed, new opportunities emerged like eRAse Solution and other Jaoming Corporation has become locally available in SM Supermarkets nationwide. And just this 2012, JMC has joined the PBA D-league with eRAse Xfoliant Team.

I am really honored to be part of the bloggers that were chosen to be part of their bloggers day. They shared a lot of things about eRAse products and also their new ventures with UK Pharma products! 

Besides from of course talking about their well known products, The people from eRAse also featured their latest products which are eRAse scents and also the Gamboa Sports line.

The part that I was really waiting for was when they talked about the UK Pharma line. It is basically a direct selling business of make up products that work for every Filipina skin!

As of the moment they only have a limited number of lipstick colors, blushes and foundations but they are sure to formulate new ones in the future when I asked them. I liked the packaging of their products because they are highly similar to the ones that are high end but the prices are not that expensive. 

I did some swatches on the three lipsticks that they had and I can honestly say that they are highly pigmented because these are just one swipe! really awesome shades too! 

These are just the basic ones which are the basic red, coral/orange and pink. I do like the coral/orange shade because its not too orange-y while the pink one I found too shimmery for my liking - am I weird about that?

And if you notice in the picture there were far more than just the soaps that they offer. I actually really wanted to try the argan oil line they have so I am just going to wait and save up to buy the whole line because why buy just one when you can buy them all? #BeautyJunkieProblems haha!

Most of the guys are interested with the scents because there are not a lot of body sprays for men in the market and the scents are actually really good that I want to have one too! Its like if you have one of those its also perfect for girls who prefer male scents. 

Overall there are a lot of things to expect from eRAse so make sure to check them out of Facebook and also all the stores that they supply like SM and Watsons and some other beauty stores. 

I'll talk to you guys next time ok? 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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