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Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Dermclinic Experience

Okay since tapos na ang drama ko move on move on din pag may time di ba? Mabilis akong maka move on kasi may naisip akong solution.

tada! A good facial will do the trick.

Although this has been long overdue, share ko na din sa inyo.

Recently, I was invited by the great people from Dermclinic to try their services because they are celebrating their 44th anniversary this November! taray di ba?

And they also invited some bloggers to try out some of their treatments. And disclosure lang even though this was an event all the opinions I will state here are based on my utmost honest opinions. 


Its really my first time to try the services of dermclinic but I do have some close relatives that are patrons of the said establishment so I know that they are worth trying for.

I tried their Total Rejuvenating Facial which is a 45 minute procedure that would give your skin its properly needed refreshment and brings back its youthful glow as it firms the skin and cleanses it of the impurities.


The first step actually in the facial is that the nurse or attendant would ask you to wash your hands first then wash your face - this is a first time for me because I don't usually experience that, but according to Ate Che this is optional and you can tell the nurse beforehand if you want to do that part or you want them too. The whole washing your face with your hands bring a more hands on experience with the customer and the nurse as well.

Next is the deep cleansing, they actually used a contraption to brush those impurities away. Its a but similar to a brand we knew that does that.

Next is massaging the pressure points of the face. This is totally the highlight of my experience because it was super relaxing and I actually want to drift off to sleep while Ate Che is doing that. And she explained that like the body massage that we do, we also need to do this to our face because it will promote blood circulation to the face.

Next is the Face mask! The mask is unlike those I've tried because it wasn't making my skin constricted when it dried up.

Then off we go to extraction of the little monsters on my T-zone are. Compared to other clinics that nurses extract those little monsters, at Dermclinic the nurses only extract the ones of the T-zone area and you would need to get a certified in-house dermatologist to extract those outside. I find this really fascinating because although it may cost more, you will feel more at ease because the one extracting those little monsters are doctors so if anything nasty happens - they got you covered.

The nurse that assisted me also said I need to get my faced checked of warts because I am starting to have some na daw. It was really insightful because I never knew I am having those. They are really small ones though so its not that visible and you need to look really really close to the skin to notice it.

And lastly she closed my pores with this contraption I don't remember the name and also applied some sunblock on my skin to protect my skin after the session since I will be out soon after.

A week after the treatment. Mukhang haggard pero hindi masyado halata :D
Overall my experience is I think one of the most insightful because the nurse that attended to me was really nice and also took care of my skin as if it was her own. Compared to other clinics, the extraction that was done to my T-zone was by far the less painful and also her hands were really good in doing the acupressure massage it was like I am in heaven with her hands!

That sounded really awkward but..moving on!

I would really recommend Dermclinic with you girls (and possibly guys) if you are looking for a derm clinic that will not just take care of your face but make you feel at home.


And since its going to be a long weekend I suggest that you book a session this coming November 30 because that will be the last day of their month long promo! They are having 44% off on some of their services and a 70% discount on their IPL or hair removal treatments. I am sure you don't want to miss that.

So for more information about Dermclinic and their services you can check their Facebook Page for that and also visit their website at for more info!

Much Love!



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