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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gray Hair at 26

That white strand you see at the back of my phablet is not a cat hair that strayed in my clothes, but an actual gray hair that I got from my hair one day while I was fixing my hair. 

And it hit me - I'm getting old. 

I never thought that I would get it at 26. I was thinking in the course of early 30s maybe but not now! 

I may sound that I am over reacting on this, but  I don't want to get gray hair on a young age. 

I've researched the possible causes of it and maybe one of the possible causes is stress although there is no scientific explanation on this. Another probable cause is a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with the pituitary gland or the thyroid gland which can be reversible according to Web MD. 

I am not against people that have premature gray hair because its not a medical problem. I just don't understand why I am getting this at my age. WHY?!?

I remember talking to my Best Boy Friend about this and he jokes that I am slowly turning into a grandma. wag naman sana! wala pa nga akong anak lola na agad?? But he assured me that even if I get gray hair I still look fine so no worries. Grabe lang siguro stress ko at kinukulang na ko sa vitamins. 

To be honest, sobrang stressful ng mga nangyari saken this past few weeks, I've even forgotten to vlog! ganun ako ka-busy kaya if ever I am late on my posts or engagements I would apologize in advance. 

Okay back to the topic: what do I do? 

simple answer: NOTHING! 

Although its nerve wracking, I actually have embraced this new thing that happened to me. At least I can say na kahit pumuputi na buhok ko maganda pa rin ako. Haha! anlakas ng bilib sa sarili! Kaloka! 

So if you are experiencing the same thing- don't sweat it. Mahirap tanggapin, but learn how to because its not going to be the end of the world. And honestly most people won't notice a strand or two in your hair.

Okay I think I need to go now. Antok na katawang lupa ko. Baka mamaya atakihin nanaman ako ng mood swings ko at mag flip ako ng table. 

Much Love! 


My Dermclinic Experience

Okay since tapos na ang drama ko move on move on din pag may time di ba? Mabilis akong maka move on kasi may naisip akong solution.

tada! A good facial will do the trick.

Although this has been long overdue, share ko na din sa inyo.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

When you felt like dying

Walking almost 10 blocks just to get a ride home is something I don't like to do - but I have to unless I want to sleep on a park bench in a place I barely knew existed in the map.

Yes. I almost had that thought in mind but remembered I had 100 pesos in my pocket so I can still manage na makauwi.

Ang weird lang talaga ng utak ko.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Beauty of the Dead Sea with Jordan's Premier Beauty Secrets

I can honestly say that this week was by far the most stressful week I've had. I had to be literally on the road as early as 7:30AM since last Tuesday and would get home at around 12 midnight. I wasn't wearing any make up at all but it was really great because I discovered something that refreshed my skin not just for the day but I can say for the entire week!

Last Friday I was invited with a few beauty bloggers to discover Beauty Secrets which is the only brand in the world that has the widest range of facial mud products that come from the Dead Sea. 

They are already available in 65 countries from the Middle East to the United States of America and it will now be available this December here in the Philippines! How awesome right? 

One of the highlights of the program is they did a demo of the mud mask on  some bloggers which I actually was included. They mentioned that Beauty Secrets Facial Mud has 21 minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride, Bromide, and Calcium and also a few ingredients like Aloe Vera, Collagen and Vitamin E. 

Besides from the facial mud mask, Beauty Secrets also has about 120 products that is not just for the face but also for the hair and body.  

The whole session actually lasted about 15 to 20 minutes and my skin felt so much better after the session and I can say that I am so excited to try the other variants and also the other lines from Jordan's Premier Beauty Secret in the future! 

You can also try it out because they have a personalized facial and body scrub treatment that you can avail when you visit their website or check their facebook page Jordan's Beauty Secrets. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Business Mirror in its 10th year celebration with The Big Diffirence Communications

Now on its 10th year in business, Business Mirror is getting stronger with its bringing news to its readers and providing excellent information to them.

As it turns its 10th year, They opened the celebrations at House Manila in Remington Hotel with a whole night of surprises and fun for all the people that have supported them.

One of the attendees is the CEO of the Big Difference Communications Ms. Jennifer Catherine Bustamante Burwell who have supported Business Mirror tremendously because of their dedication in bringing great features and headline news that will benefit their Filipino readers.

As being a great contender in the Public Relations' world, The Big Difference Communications handle Public Relations, crisis management, sponsorship management, and also marketing to leading companies of today such as Hattendo Philippines and Apag Marangle.

Owned and managed by Ms. Jennifer Catherine Bustamante Burwell, The Big Difference Communications brings a whole new level of Public Relations and Marketing to different brands with its one of a kind projects to its clients.

Congratulations to Business Mirror on its 10th year, and also to the Big Difference Communications for its utmost support to one of the Philippine's best newspaper Business Mirror.  

For more information about Business Mirror and The Business Mirror you can check out their social networking sites respectively.

Much Love!

xx Alice

Great Women Brands Launch at Tesoro's

Studies show that nearly the same level of gender equality as other first world nations in that more than 50% of main and Mid-level managers are women and also women are more engaged in business - mainly in trade as there is no formal barriers for the Filipina to be the most she can be and this is something we should be proud of.

I am really honored to be part of the invited people to see the launch of the Great Women Brand which is formed by a group of women that have partnered with Tesoros handicrafts and ECHOsi Foundation in showcasing a lifestyle collection of textile products created by groups of women designers, product developers and lifestyle entrepreneurs that are also working with women weavers from various communities in the Philippines.

They have different designs that are not only sold here in the Philippines but also abroad!

Using the Philippine made materials such as the Pina abaca from the Bagobo Kinatkat and Maranao Langkit Embroidery they showcase these in the bags, clothes and accessories that can be used daily.

One of the more exciting things that I saw is the statement cuffs that were made by Wynn Wynn Ong but unfortunately Ms. Wynn Wynn was not able to make it to the event because she had an emergency to attend to. I was able to see these for myself and the cuffs looked really awesome and there is only a few pairs in display but I hope in the future I'll be able to have one as well.

If you want to get a hold of these you can drop by Tesoros store at Makati which is located at 1016 A. Arnaiz Ave. and also at the Pre-Departure Area at the NAIA Terminal 3 .

Much Love!

xx Alice

Friday, November 13, 2015

Giro De Pilipinas Experience

Cycling is now becoming a good form of exercise with most Filipinos - especially those that are training for a triathlon or duathlon. And with this a huge surge of cycling events are now happening within the Philippines - with the first from Giro de Pilipinas.

I am really honored to be part of the bloggers to witness this with the help of JAB Hauz of Zen's team medical and team holistic in bringing comfort to the participants by performing the spine alignment to them for free so they will feel relief from the long distances.  

3Q Sports Event Management with its partnership with 97.9 Home Radio, Aliw Broadcasting Corporation and the Lighthouse Marina Resort Giro de Pilipinas' aim to make the Filipino a great contender for the international cycling circuit, they tested the Filipino cyclist's energy, endurance and stamina with its one of a kind courses. .

Held last October 9-11 at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, the registrants - both local and international were given multi stages to conquer.

We were not able to see the first day, but we followed to their second race which was set in Mount Samat.

 The drive up was really nerve wrecking for me because I don't really like really steep drives due to a previous incident - think about driving up to Mt. Samat in a Bike - I might've died in the first kilometer so I was really impressed with the cyclists because the energy and endurance they had to climb that long and winding path is really big.

With huge show of support from over 550 individuals, 50 executive cycling teams nationwide and almost hundreds of participants all over the world including riders from from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scotland, USA, China, New Zealand, Kenya, Germany, Korea, Dubai, Canada and Japan Giro De Pilipinas gave a new experience to all the participants with a new course to test them that also showcases scenic routes of Subic, Zambales and Bataan.

To help promote Cycling in general as a tool towards healthy living and to encourage everyone to get out and form a team, Giro De Pilipinas paved way in making this possible with also showcasing scenic routes of the Philippines.

After the second leg, they had a fellowship night which is where they awarded the winners which was help at the Lighthouse Hotel just inside the Subic Freeport that served as the athlete's village. 

Everyone is a winner at Giro De Pilipinas because of the sportsmanship everyone showcased and also the camaraderie between the Filipino cyclists and our foreign contenders. 

More power to Giro De Pilipinas and hoping for more events with them!

Much love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Makeover Lounge Now Open at San Juan!

Sometimes all a woman needs is a makeover to make herself feel prettier and boost her confidence - Most of my friends actually do this a lot when they are feeling down. Its pretty amazing how a change of lipstick shade or a new hair style makes a woman feel so much better. I guess that is what we really are.

And at Makeover Lounge it can be a reality.

Whether you want to hang out with your girlfriends or have little time to get your nails done - Makeover will make you feel beautiful in any way you want.

They have nail services such as the express manicure and pedicure to clean the nails and push the cuticles. Or if you have more time you can get the classic manicure and pedicure in which you can pick from a wide array of nail polish colors from known brands like Essie, OPI and China Glaze.

You can also get your hair and make up done at makeover lounge by their Professional Hair and Make up Artist by appointment.

And if you want a whole spa experience they also have massage and waxing services provided for you.

Actually when we were there for their opening, I got myself an express manicure which is a basic cleaning service they have. Their staff are really friendly and answered all my questions. I really love that the attendant I had was really gentle with handling my nails that she asked me what I want my nails to look because she will be shaping them, and I actually told her to give me the simplest shape that is also easy to maintain.

Want to spend the whole afternoon with your girlfriends without the fuss of other people in your party? You can get the Sparty Package with 8 of your girlfriends and try their services and enjoy the afternoon away!

With Makeover lounge, It will make you and your girlfriends feel prettier and happier.

I would definitely go back here with my friends for sure! 

Check out more about Makeover Lounge's services and rates at their Facebook Page.

much love! 

xx Alice  

will update this with pictures in a while.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weigh Your Options with Reducin

Aging is frequently the reason cited as to why people gain weight and have their body shape deteriorate. This is certainly true. Physically, when we age, our metabolism slows down. Behaviorally, our habits change as well. We become busier with various aspects in life - work, family and friends. How can we fit in time to work on ourselves?

Is that a valid excuse? No. You can’t let your health go into disarray just because you can’t properly manage your schedule. Living, just like any activity, has to be managed. Prioritization must be embedded in making life choices. Reduce time spent on less important activities. After all, what could be more important than staying healthy to gain more time living?

Start practicing addition by subtraction with Reducin. Reducin is a 120mg capsule of Orlistat, a gastric and pancreatic lipase inhibitor for obesity management. It works by preventing some of the fat in foods eaten from being absorbed in the intestines then excreting these fat through the stool. Along with a low-calorie diet and proper exercise, Reducin can help you get back on track and lose all those extra pounds. With Reducin, you may get to break free from obesity, diabetes, triglycerides, cholesterol, other health risks and high costs.  With proper diet and exercise, plus the help of Orlistat, you can truly reduce as in!

Reducin is sold in 120mg capsules. It is to be taken 3 times a day before every meal, or as instructed by your doctor. If a meal is missed or contains no fat, the dose should be omitted.

At SRP P29.50 per capsule, get on the right track in weight loss. Reduce as in everyday with the help of Reducin. Reducin is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Make sure to check out Reducin soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Beyond Politics: Congressman Roman Romulo and Shalani Soledad-Romulo

Ever thought of what a married life is like with Congressman Romulo and Ms. Shalani Soledad-Romulo?

Both are known as politicians but how about as a married couple?

I was really honored to be part of a selected number of bloggers that had a sit down and very casual talk over afternoon snacks courtesy of Ms. Shalani last October 29 at their humble home.

Wearing a pink polo shirt, dark washed jeans, and a pair of formal shoes Congressman Romulo looked very casual but still fit for business meetings while Ms. Shalani wore a pink collared shirt, blue straight cut jeans and a pair of espadrilles you wouldn't notice they are one of the most known political couples in the Philippines. 

Their love story actually is not a fairy tale type but more of a lot of connections and coincidences. I asked how their first date as a couple was and Congressman Romulo actually told us that even before that happened there were a lot of cancellations that occured because both were busy with being public servants in their districts and when it finally happened it was because of one of their friends.

Looking into the interior of the den while in the interview, I noticed a stack of books in the shelves - specifically the Twilight series, and can't help but ask about who is the owner of the series. Ms. Shalani actually admitted being a fan of the series. Both are book readers but they differ in their interest. There were a variety of political-based books and also a mix of non-fiction books.

Being a blogger, I asked regarding the data privacy act and how it came to mind for him to pursue it. He was actually offered by the BPO association to pursue this because it can give more opportunities for our fellowmen to get jobs. And surely there was an increase with jobs in the BPO industry once the act was legalized.

Congressman Roman Romulo and Ms. Shalani are just like any couple but the only exception is that they are in the political arena. Observing them during the interview, I can actually see a resemblance of my parents to them. My father was a simple technician while my mom is a businesswoman - Two really different people but they have chemistry that undeniably people can see because they support each other in everything they do. 

And now Congressman Romulo is taking a leap in running for a senatorial seat, I see another power couple in the rise in the senate with them.

Much Love!

xx Alice

Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement 2nd GMM at Apag Marangle

Filipino Food is slowly emerging in the world of culinary arts, but unfortunately some of the authentic and traditional Filipino food and cooking techniques are slowly dying and we need to find a way to preserve these authentic and traditional food.

 The Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Philippine cuisine, celebrates locally made heirloom Filipino food products and Philippine agriculture produce through its various projects and advocacy.

With its aim to preserve Philippine cuisine, they hold general member meetings to present new ideas, welcome new members and also update all the members with the status of the group.

Last October 27, Apag Marangle hosted the second general members' meeting at their Parksquare Makati Branch. Serving authentic Kapampangan food, Apag Marangle served some of its best sellers including Apag Marangle's Nasing Marangle.

Some of the attendees included Ms. Shalani Soledad-Romulo who is very interested in knowing more and contributing to this opportunity to get the Philippine culinary rise to the top.

 Ms. Shalani is also one of the newest members of PCHM and will actively participate in its future activities.

To know more about this and other activities of the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement you can visit their Facebook page.

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