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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tesoros Showcases Pinoy Papier-Mache Art

Growing up, I remember visiting a lot of town fiestas which features an array of colorful papier mache pieces of horses, dolls and my absolute favorite - Angels! 

These actually originated in Paete, Laguna and they are called Taka. These are not just ordinary papier mache because these are made using hand carved wooden mold which Paete is also known for.

And thankfully Mary Velmonte, a rising star in the Philippine advertising with a great passion for locally grown creations, together with her friends and fellow creatives Missy Galang and Claude Rodrigo Canete. Mary founded Takatak Project, a Manila-based initiative established to breathe new life into the traditional way of the Taka. 

I was able to see some of the creations and I am really amazed that they looked really modern but still has that soft touch of tradition to it. 

You can check these and also buy them at Tesoros! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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