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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Enjoy a Good Laugh with Comedy Cartel!

Hey guys! 

Sometimes stress from too much work will make one grumpy so make sure to laugh it out and -check out Comedy Cartel! 

Comedy Cartel is the first of its kind group that does a poit of view stand up comedy that is very witty and relatable. 


They comprised of different stand up artists that came from different backgrounds but with one passion - to make people laugh. Their way of stand up comedy is actually not offensive because they don't use the audience to make people laugh - but everyday scenarios that everyone can relate. 

Last night was quite special because They performed at Marco Polo hotel's VU's Sky High bar and their front liner is Tim Tayag - one of the pioneer artists of Comedy Cartel. 

The event was hosted by Rene Cruz Jr. He pumped up the crowd with his jokes as a way to also introduce the comedians. 

First up is Michelle Defensor -and yes my friends she is the sister of a known politician so you would probably know that her topic would be about sosyal problems. I have friends who are very rich and I would say most of them is somewhat what Michelle was describing. Dear rich friends, I know you read my blog so don't throw your LV at me when we see each other after this haha!Next 


Next up is Sherwin Cunanan whose joke still resonates in my head today... one word : googley. 


And as the main act for the night it was Tim Tayag. I like the way he jokes about how women are very different when they have new bags - as a bag lover I can relate! But I won't spoil it - you got to watch them to find out how funny they really are! 

Comedy Cartel will have a series of shows apt Vu's sky high bar every Monday this October so make sure to catch them there! 

For more information about Comedy Cartel you can check out their Facebook Page amd their official instagram account @comedycartel. 

Hope to see you on one of their shows soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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