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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dermstrata NutriSexy Slimming Program Launch

Hey girls! Currently trying out my new Ipad to blog so if this seems a bit off please let me know asap ok? 

So you girls may know that I have been gaining weight again due to my current job. Losing weight actually is harder now because of all the events I go to, the stress of my work load and also my sleeping habits have drastically changed. 

And I just wish that there is a more holistic way to lose the fat because I simply want to fit in my jeans than just buy a whole new pair!

Thankfully I was introduced to this! 

Nutrisexy is a slimming program by Dermstrata that provides a more holistic approach in reducung fat. 

Besides from the normal diet that occurs when we want to lose weight, Nutrisexy also uses two cutting edge equiptment to scientifically drain down unwanted fats and includes a personalized dietary plan to make losing the fats faster but still makes us safe from the health complications. 

The difference of Nutrisexy to other slimming programs is that they have a requirement of getting an in-depth knowledge on the patient's health information so it can be a tailored fit program for the patient. 

As I've mentioned earlier, besides from the tailored diet, there is also two cutting edge technology that they will use to scientifically drain down the fats in our body which are the Thermacav and Thermasculpt. Some of my blogger friends- Marilene of and Kamila of were able to try it. 

The Thermacav actually penetrates deep fat cell membraine using a low frequency ultrasound waves that breaks down fat. 

While the Thermasculpt uses Radio Frequency technology that has a powerful capability to agitate the fats in our body thereby tightening the skin for a more contoured body shape. If you are obsessed with having a S-line I would reccomend you try this one. 

Overall the launch was really fun and informative and I can't wait to try out the program myself! 

Should I do a video blog about this???? Let me know what you think about it on the comments section. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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