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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

RANT: Being a Beauty Blogger Doesn't Mean Instant Freebies

So much have been happening lately that I haven't updated you guys yet so as a comeback I just want to vent out for a change. 

Some of you may know that nowadays I have been attending events and getting free stuff from brands. But it didn't really started that way. I was just a simple blogger who really likes to write - that's it! 

I started getting curious with make up and just bought my own make up little by little and just wrote how I feel about them. But then I found out the world of bloggers and all the things that come with it. I would get invited to events, help organize some and even get sponsorship from brands that I love! 

At first it was all good but then I noticed that there would be random people emailing me asking how I get those free stuff or how I get invited to these exclusive events. It got to the point that I don't answer them anymore because I find them annoying - yes! these people are annoying on my email because they think being a blogger equals to getting free stuff. 

Ghad this is just making my blood boil. 

I don't want t offend anyone but to be honest, If you want to be a blogger in the Philippines just for the free stuff then just I don't see the point in spending your own money for transportation just so you can get a bottle of lotion or a tube of lipstick. Economically speaking, you are just wasting your money girl. 

I've seen other 'newbie' beauty bloggers just attend events and don't even try to mingle - either they mingle with the 'higher ranks' or just fade away until the loot bags are given out. I feel bad for them at the same time because they started a great career with no long term goal - just a short one. There are some that I've met and got to know and they are one of the nicest people I've met, but there are some who were not worth the time to be spent on. 

I don't want to name anyone but just a word of advise - write from the heart, not because you need to get a freebie but because you LOVE to write!

I hope you guys understand because my brain is going to explode if I don't say this. I'll be updating more soon so I hope to talk to you guys real soon!

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Enjoy a Good Laugh with Comedy Cartel!

Hey guys! 

Sometimes stress from too much work will make one grumpy so make sure to laugh it out and -check out Comedy Cartel! 

Comedy Cartel is the first of its kind group that does a poit of view stand up comedy that is very witty and relatable. 


They comprised of different stand up artists that came from different backgrounds but with one passion - to make people laugh. Their way of stand up comedy is actually not offensive because they don't use the audience to make people laugh - but everyday scenarios that everyone can relate. 

Last night was quite special because They performed at Marco Polo hotel's VU's Sky High bar and their front liner is Tim Tayag - one of the pioneer artists of Comedy Cartel. 

The event was hosted by Rene Cruz Jr. He pumped up the crowd with his jokes as a way to also introduce the comedians. 

First up is Michelle Defensor -and yes my friends she is the sister of a known politician so you would probably know that her topic would be about sosyal problems. I have friends who are very rich and I would say most of them is somewhat what Michelle was describing. Dear rich friends, I know you read my blog so don't throw your LV at me when we see each other after this haha!Next 


Next up is Sherwin Cunanan whose joke still resonates in my head today... one word : googley. 


And as the main act for the night it was Tim Tayag. I like the way he jokes about how women are very different when they have new bags - as a bag lover I can relate! But I won't spoil it - you got to watch them to find out how funny they really are! 

Comedy Cartel will have a series of shows apt Vu's sky high bar every Monday this October so make sure to catch them there! 

For more information about Comedy Cartel you can check out their Facebook Page amd their official instagram account @comedycartel. 

Hope to see you on one of their shows soon! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dermstrata NutriSexy Slimming Program Launch

Hey girls! Currently trying out my new Ipad to blog so if this seems a bit off please let me know asap ok? 

So you girls may know that I have been gaining weight again due to my current job. Losing weight actually is harder now because of all the events I go to, the stress of my work load and also my sleeping habits have drastically changed. 

And I just wish that there is a more holistic way to lose the fat because I simply want to fit in my jeans than just buy a whole new pair!

Thankfully I was introduced to this! 

Nutrisexy is a slimming program by Dermstrata that provides a more holistic approach in reducung fat. 

Besides from the normal diet that occurs when we want to lose weight, Nutrisexy also uses two cutting edge equiptment to scientifically drain down unwanted fats and includes a personalized dietary plan to make losing the fats faster but still makes us safe from the health complications. 

The difference of Nutrisexy to other slimming programs is that they have a requirement of getting an in-depth knowledge on the patient's health information so it can be a tailored fit program for the patient. 

As I've mentioned earlier, besides from the tailored diet, there is also two cutting edge technology that they will use to scientifically drain down the fats in our body which are the Thermacav and Thermasculpt. Some of my blogger friends- Marilene of and Kamila of were able to try it. 

The Thermacav actually penetrates deep fat cell membraine using a low frequency ultrasound waves that breaks down fat. 

While the Thermasculpt uses Radio Frequency technology that has a powerful capability to agitate the fats in our body thereby tightening the skin for a more contoured body shape. If you are obsessed with having a S-line I would reccomend you try this one. 

Overall the launch was really fun and informative and I can't wait to try out the program myself! 

Should I do a video blog about this???? Let me know what you think about it on the comments section. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Thursday, September 3, 2015

2nd Youtubers Meet up!

You guys do know that I am a youtuber and I am so excited in meeting other youtubers. 

Me and some youtubers braved the weather and met up at Starbucks Trinoma. Although the weather was really gloomy we had a great time chatting and sharing our thoughts about building a community for other youtubers here in the Philippines. 

As you girls may know, there has been a big growth with the youtube users here in the Philippines. So having a community for youtubers would be great, especially for the newer members. I am really honored to be an admin because I know it would be a great help for us. 

Photoescape Reviews: Nivea In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

Because of the erratic weather we are having this past few months I have noticed my skin has become really dry that its a bit of a chore to always apply lotion every time because my skin becomes really ashy when I don't apply any lotion.

But sometimes there are lotions that feels a bit greasy when its really hot so sometimes I apply too little. Thankfully I found Nivea's In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner. I did check out some review about this and there were some that said its good while some didn't really liked it.

But of course I did tried it out for myself and overall I would say that it moisturized my skin without that greasy after feel within the day. The thing that I was a bit irritated about it is the spout of the tube is a bit big thus at times it dispenses a lot of product. The other thing is after washing it off my hands feel that they have PVC Glue on them but that goes away within a few minutes.

I do like this product but of course I think that this can be just a luxury for our skin. I actually went back using my usual lotion when I ran out of it.

Have you tried this? Let me know about your experience with this product on the comments section.

Much Love!

xx Alice 

Product Review: Supreme's Garcinia Cambogia

Do you want to lose weight for a special occasion or just lose weight for good? I will share to you a little secret that I have. 

If you have been a long time reader, You know that I am struggling with my weight. I won't come clean and say that I am happy with my current weight because I know that I am still at the obese state according to my BMI so losing weight is really important for me not just to look good but be healthy as well. 

Have a Good Laugh After a Week of Work With Comedy Cartel

A week full of work sometimes makes us dull so the best medicine for that is a good laugh. Make sure to do that with the guys from Comedy Cartel. 

But who are they?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tesoros Showcases Pinoy Papier-Mache Art

Growing up, I remember visiting a lot of town fiestas which features an array of colorful papier mache pieces of horses, dolls and my absolute favorite - Angels! 

These actually originated in Paete, Laguna and they are called Taka. These are not just ordinary papier mache because these are made using hand carved wooden mold which Paete is also known for.

And thankfully Mary Velmonte, a rising star in the Philippine advertising with a great passion for locally grown creations, together with her friends and fellow creatives Missy Galang and Claude Rodrigo Canete. Mary founded Takatak Project, a Manila-based initiative established to breathe new life into the traditional way of the Taka. 

I was able to see some of the creations and I am really amazed that they looked really modern but still has that soft touch of tradition to it. 

You can check these and also buy them at Tesoros! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

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