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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meet my new puppy!

Hey guys! I know that I haven't be up to date with the latest updates here and THIS is the culprit!

Just kidding!

This cute little pup is the newest member of our Family!

Care to guess his name?..

 His name is George! He is a Sharpei/Labrador mix. He is currently 3 and half month old. He is very active and curious which usually lands him getting mugged by our alpha cat.

We got the name because ever since we lost Georgia, we never really had a similar dog than her. My mom knew me and Georgia were like buddies till the very end.

He likes to takes long walks but needs to have his leash on at all times because he might get ran over. He always thinks that he can get away with running, but I always catch him haha! The first night he went home with us he actually slept in bed! he slept so well beside me that it was very therapeutic but my mom doesn't want him in bed because he kinda stinks..well what do you expect? he hasn't taken a bath in a week!

He does give my mama a cuddle and the puppy eyes.

Taking care of George is a LOT of work. First thing I actually taught him is potty training because I want him to know where is the right place to do the call of nature. Training him to sit and stay is harder than I thought but the best thing I learned is all those hours of training him and driving me up the wall is worth it because I know that George will be a good dog later on. 

Well I have to go now but make sure to check back for more articles 


Much Love! 

xx Alice


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