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Friday, August 14, 2015

2 Month Hair Update!

Hey Gorgeous! 
Remember back in May, I had a very twisted idea of taking a challenge that involved my hair right? 

I had it shaved! 

And there were a buck load of questions that people asked me which to be honest was overwhelming, but heart warming at the same time. I did it mainly because it was for pure fun and also the money I'll get will be a tremendous help for my uncle. But growing it out was harder than I thought. 


The first week, I actually had no hair at all which made me look like a total man. If I cover my breasts in public, people would immediately think I'm a man! It was hilarious because the stares I get was off the roof, and random people approach me asking what kind of Cancer I have. 

And that actually irritated be a bit because 1. I don't have Cancer and 2. You don't know me so stop assuming stuff people! 

The cool thing though is my bath time was shorter than before because the fastest time I had was 15 minutes, then it became 8-10 minutes because I don't have to fuss about my hair. 


When it was the 2nd week of June, my scalp started to itch like crazy. I literally had to get a small towel to do it because I heard that scratching your scalp may cause damage if you use your nails. If you have ever gotten your armpits waxed - that is the same feeling with my hair.

I did like the feeling because its like a massage when the itchiness lessens, but I have to do it constantly. 

 That is also when I felt new hair is growing. Everyday it became longer and longer and the itchiness started to fade away. It actually felt nice feeling my hair again. Its actually growing faster than I expected. 

As for the reaction, it wasn't as harsh as it was on the first month, but I still get stared at in public but not something to be bothered anymore. The only problem is now I'm starting to get dandruff again so I started using shampoo for it. No conditioner yet because it wouldn't be needed yet. 

I actually love my now growing hair because I appreciate the slowly but surely changes in my look. 

I'll update you guys more about my hair and also the hair growth in the coming months to come, and also the products that I'll be trying out if it will make my hair grow faster. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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