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Monday, July 6, 2015

Fabio Ide Shows How To Party in a Subtle Mature Manner with Axe

Photo Credits: Epi Lim

You guys and most probably girls know who Fabio Ide is right? 

Photo credits: Cherry Burwell

Being a popular figure in Manila's Night club scene, host, model and entrepreneur Fabio is turning his game up a notch with what its like to party in a more subtle mature manner with The Axe Block. 

Held last June 30th at Palace Pool Club, Fabio showed us how real gentlemen party. 

Photo credits: Epi Lim

There were pop up bars that were set up around Palace Pool club that both men and women will like. 

There is a Champagne bar, Whiskey Bar, Cocktail Bar, Brewery bar and a Tequila Bar. 

Photo credits: Epi Lim

Music was catered to by one of the Metro's hottest DJ - DJ Mars Miranda and there were celebrities that also came to the party. 


Fabio also introduced his team that made all of this happen! 

Photo credits: Epi Lim

Aside from the pop up bars that were set for the drinks, Gents (and some dames alike) were treated to 
some of the perks like a free cigar, haircut and an Atelier where they could work on their style.

The night was in full swing especially that guests were invited to take a dip in the pool! You are in the first of its kind club in the metro so most of the invited enjoyed the night dancing to the music and swimming in the pool area. 

I really enjoyed this event and congratulations Fabio on this wonderful campaign you have with Axe Philippines! 

If you want to know more about this you can check out Fabio's Instagram account @fabioideofficial, Facebook page and also Axe Philippines. 

Much Love!

xx Alice
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