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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I am done.

Another personal post! 

This is for that person who is so ironic about what they say to what they actually do. 

Yeah I'm talking to YOU. 

That person who says they are perfect but in reality they are more messed up than I do. That person who says they don't give a F about my life yet they are so updated with my latest achievements and sometimes downfalls. That one person who says they don't want to be associated with me but keeps talking about me and talk shit. 

I just want to tell you that no matter how much crap you talk about me I seriously do not care anymore. I am done pleasing everyone because its so tiring! I am done with caring and looking behind my back because I'm scared I might mess up again. 

I am done.

I seriously do not care anymore and this is the proof of it. I only wish you one thing: To have peace in your heart and also to have more time to yourself because instead of investing so much time in caring what I will do next you should actually care more about YOUR own issues. 

So what if I mess up? 

I am human remember? so don't tell me that I should be someone that I'm not because you are not my mother or father. I simply do not give a F anymore what you think of me. I will do my thing so do your thing ok?

And also to those that think my life is a joke just because I blog and do youtube videos then I think you have to re-evaluate your understanding of life.

I am merely saying all this because of so much shit I have been getting recently. I don't know how these people have the time of day specified to just talk shit about me. Its really funny though because I don't even have time nowadays to go to the salon and have my nails done but they have all the time to criticize my life choices. You people are so pathetic to the point of infinity.

And if you are still reading this chances are

1. You are just curious how my brain works for these kinds of people


2. you just really like seeing me pissed off because of you.

And yeah I am pissed off because you won't stop. I know who you are and also where you live. Don't you remember I'm a blogger? so I also know some of the underbelly work to know a person's location. And yes, I know your real name already so make sure to pray to all the saints that our paths don't cross in real life because you will receive not a slap but a total humiliation to me in public.

I know your secrets and I can stop the tables from turning so you will still be the one who is at fault.

This post is my first and last warning to you.

If you know the right thing to do, I suggest you stop talking shit about me and also speaking ill of me. I might not do anything physical to harm you but I know a higher being that will judge you on your last day.

This is a personal post regarding a person/s I despise. I don't know why there are people who are so bored with their lives and spend it all talking negatively about someone. Don't they know karma is a bitch and recently just got digital so they should really stop NOW or they will be sorry later.

And also if you are reading this for the first time - don't think I am like this all the time. I am a generally nice person and I always think good about people, I just don't prefer being judged in anyway about my life - especially about what I do because the last time I remembered this is MY LIFE so whatever choices I make can be a good one or another experience I will have to remember next time it might happen. And if this offends you but we haven't met each other don't worry about it okay?

I will have to post something good next time because posting this is definitely draining. Its not good for me because I tend to get sick easier when I get stressed or pissed.

I'll talk to you guys again next time then.



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